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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. backdrifter
    Great! Yeah, you can try playing with the sequencing of connecting and turning things on, but for me, that's what worked.
  2. criesaboutelves
    Welp. I think my iPhone's finally given up on recognizing the ES100 over USB at all and just throws me a "this accessory is not supported" message. (It used to just do the thing where it keeps rebooting when the audio is paused, then the past few days it would take several reboots and/or unplugging the device and plugging it back in. Same story for my iPad. My laptop seems to recognize it just fine, though. I would suspect the latest iOS update, if it hadn't let me get through about an hour of music this morning before the playlist ended, the ES100 rebooted, and it could not be persuaded to connect again.)
  3. Slater
    Sounds like they didn’t pay the Apple tax!
  4. tracyca
    Just got out of a meeting for work, and now lounging listening to es100 and my green Andromeda from my iPad Pro streaming Spotify. It sound Amazing! Bluetooth has came a long way.
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  5. monsieurfromag3
    Indeed it has! Makes you wonder - wasn’t it a lack of ambition all along? It seems engineering in the field of Bluetooth audio always exclusively focused on convenience. Sound quality? Hey, it’s Bluetooth! It’s good enough - but mostly, it’s convenient! Blergh. Turns out competent implementation on the decoding and amp side does wonders - who’d have thought? :cold_sweat:
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
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  6. criesaboutelves
    I wouldn't be surprised if that's what's up. I won't be too sorely grieved to switch mobile operating systems when this phone dies. If nothing else, it'll let me drop one adapter from the chain.
  7. radsone
    Hi, I'm sorry to hear that. ES100 connection(both Bluetooth and USB using Apple Camera connection kit) is fine in the iPhones we have with iOS13.1. I'll send a pm to you regarding the issue.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
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  8. backdrifter
    I haven't used the ES100 much with my PC, but I did some comparisons this morning and I notice that, when used as a USB DAC, the ES100 sounds better from my phone (Galaxy S9, UAPP bit-perfect) than through my laptop (Yoga, Foobar 2000). I could see where the PC might cause more noise, but this seems to be a general difference in SQ. It's a significant difference to my ears. Does anyone have a hypothesis about this? Thanks.
  9. BobSmith8901
    I'm interested in the ES100 but had a general question about the ES100 and the older Bluetooth versions.

    I have a couple of PCs with Bluetooth 3 and 4, respectively, and a DAP with 4.1.

    I was wondering about the sound using the ES100 with these older versions versus the latest smartphone codecs, 5.1, LDAC, etc., codecs that I understand really improve the sound to almost wired standards. Currently my only Bluetooth gear is a set of Philips SHB7000 headphones. While they are OK for what they are, they have a sort of whining hi-frequency sound that is quite noticeable when they make the Bluetooth connection and it continues when listening to music. You can kind of hear it underlying everything while the connection is active. I was hoping the ES100 might not have this issue when, say, it's used as the Bluetooth receiver with a set of regular headphones. Again, in an older Bluetooth 3 or 4 setting. Any comments appreciated.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
  10. Mouseman
    The background noise kind of depends on what headphones/IEMs you're using. I don't have any that are sensitive enough to pick up any noise, you typically need some really sensitive ones like Andros.

    The version of bluetooth probably has less impact than what codec it supports, although I can't say for sure about BT3 -- that's pretty old. From what I've read here, BT5 isn't superior for sound to BT4, it upgrades other aspects. But I'm not an expert on that.

    The ES100 has support for a lot of codecs (LDAC, aptX-HD, AAC, aptX, SBC), and IMHO, AAC and SBC are pretty good. Your older equipment may or may not support LDAC or APT-X, but you may not even notice a difference. I know some people do, I can notice the difference between SBC and others, but it's not like you're listening with two cans and string. The only thing I'd watch out for is if you're using the ES100 for gaming or watching videos -- the older equipment is probably going to have some lag, more with the older gear. You could always get a USB BT adapter for the PCs -- that might make things better if there is lag or sound degradation. The DAP (which one do you have?) would probably be OK, but again it depends on the codecs it supports. I have some gear with BT4.x and the ES100 works fine with them.
  11. rkw
    Are you playing bit perfect from the PC (through ASIO or WASAPI driver)?
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  12. backdrifter
    No. I wasn't aware of that issue. Thanks for bringing it up!
  13. rkw
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  14. backdrifter
  15. serwei
    Hi hi, the whining sound comes from the Bluetooth chipset used in your headphones. It was prevalent in many headphones around the same age. Iirc it's because the BT channel stays open. One of my headphones had a firmware to fix it, so you see it's tied to the specific product.

    For transmitting, ie PC, go for a cheap bt5 dongle upgrade, about $15? If you have already bt4, search for the Intel APTX drivers (dell and HP have one each iirc) to install => while the DRIVER is not compatible, the APTX add on is, and will work with your real BT driver (of cos Windows only).

    (Sorry! es100 doesn't transmit, I keep forgetting)
    If you crave Ldac to output to your headphones and have a compatible transmitter (eg Sony or Android 8 phone). I use es100 to output to my Bluedio Vinyl Plus, bypassing its own bt4.1. Sounds much better because es100 has a higher amp.

    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
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