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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. capnjack
    Surely using a 4.4mm plug would nearly double the size of the device.
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  2. ClieOS Contributor
    I am in favour of Type-C and 2.5mm socket (just to keep the size reasonable). But I'll suggest a metal shirt clip, all the way down to its pivot and probably the whole back side of the adapter. Plastic body + plastic clip + stress = breakage. Radsone can learn a thing or two from FiiO on this.
  3. Mouseman
    I second those suggestions. I don't have any 4.4 gear, so that's not a requirement for me. A better clip is a must, and I'd love to get rid of all my micro USB cables, USB C cables are much easier to plug in. I don't need a flashlight to figure out which side is which.

    I'd also like better buttons, more tactile and "clickier". I'd also love to see the power button get moved away from the balanced jack so it's easier to use. I use that output almost all the time, so I always have to reach around the headphone plug.
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  4. docentore
    What I miss in ES100, which probalbly could be fixed by firmware, is button lock function. Wither physical switch or button combination.
  5. Marco Angel
    Vote on the future es100 v2 with bigger battery! Usb c and for me! Keep the 2.5mm as it should be ultraportable
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  6. waynes world
    For me? Mainly:

    - stronger clip

    - remove "next/prev" button and integrate it into the volume button (long press for next/prev) to avoid confusion.

    - make the buttons more prominent (especially the pause button).

    - a separate on/off "switch" (as opposed to a button that you have to long press) to allow for faster method of turning off/on

    Everything else is already pretty much perfection imo.
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  7. zolom
    Please add app controlled functionality to turn the ES100 off if there is no BT sound input for a while.
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  8. manukmanohar
    So, I have gone ahead and placed an order for these again, as the current one has the charging issue.

    What I would love to have is to be able toto switch to ambient mode even when no music/sound is playing.

    The current feature is very useful, especially for those who have custom IEM's or iem's/maybe closed HP's which do a lot of passive isolation. Would really love it if it is possible to switch to ambient without music playing. (I've configured the ambient mode to be 100% outside environment, so that instead of removing my custom iem everytime, I can just switch to these. :)
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  9. subtec
    I second a larger battery (even at a small size increase). Also aptX Adaptive support, and maybe a lower profile clip.
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  10. rkw
    Way too premature for aptX Adaptive. Even the aptX website doesn't list any current products.
  11. subtec
    I don't see why it's too early if we're wishlisting features for a future product. AptX Adaptive was announced nine months ago, and according to the product brief (pdf) several of Qualcomm's SoCs already support it.
  12. slapo
    I really like the separate buttons for volume control and previous/next track. It's effortless to keep track of where they are and it makes both types of action quick.
    I think I could only ask for a somewhat larger battery and a stronger clip.
  13. rustyvinyl
    There's going to be a new model??
    Larger battery capacity, better Crossfade ... For me.
  14. subtec
    Right now it's just wishful thinking - Radsone hasn't given any indication of a followup to the ES100 to my knowledge.
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  15. backdrifter
    Hi, everyone. I'd really appreciate some help understanding the operation of this thing. I'm using a Galaxy S9 and the Hiby player to play back flac files of my CDs, but this behavior doesn't seem dependent on the player.

    If I have the phone's Bluetooth on and I plug in the ES100 direct through USB, the EarStudio app says I am connected using Bluetooth with LDAC 24/96. Why doesn't it say I am connected through USB?

    If I turn off Bluetooth on my phone, the sound cuts out and returns louder and with better quality, but everything on the EarStudio app home screen is grayed out except for source volume. Why doesn't it say it's connected through USB? The volume buttons on the ES100 still work. Under what circumstances will the app show that it is connected via USB?

    If I choose "Exclusive HQ USB audio access" on the Hiby player, I get silence. Is this typical?

    Thanks for any advice you can offer!
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