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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. ClieOS Contributor
    As far as I know, Taobao for now. Probably need sometime before Ali sellers pick it up.

    As for driver configuration - it is already in the quote?
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  2. chinmie
    darn it, please forgive this careless reader :sweat_smile:
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  3. redrol
    I just put my ES100 playing all night, Balanced output, about %60 volume. It's been playing for about 10 hours now. Not bad. Battery life says %10 left.

    [edit] and it died, took approx 12 hours

    that is perfect for a day of running in the mountains!
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
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  4. JoshG1217
    If anyone wants to sell their es100, PM me
  5. scotvl
    I get about 7 to 9 hours of use with KPEs from the 80% battery saver option so 12 hours sounds about right from a 100% charge. Please try a good listening session with your KPEs with the balanced cable and the es100 and share your thoughts when you get a chance.
  6. redrol
    Sure, I've been stuck loving the A8s with balanced and the ES100. Next up can be the KPEs.
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  7. Cevisi
    My sennheiser momentum iem sounds whit the es100 on 3.5 better then dm6 or beyer dt770 directly plugged into phonejack
  8. stuck limo
    I'm not sure if anyone did a comparison, but can someone do/link a brief comparison of ES100 vs LG V20/30 (or even V40)? I just purchased the ES100 [Monday delivery] to work with my ath-m40x and am wondering what general consensus for ES100 w/ LDAC (single ended) vs V20/30/40 wired (single ended).
  9. JoshG1217
    Anyone compared to
    I had both v30 and es100. Plugged into v30 sounds better than es100 with LDAC.
  10. redrol
    And I don't agree. The LG G7 should be a slight upgrade in SQ compared to the V30 and in my opinion the ES100 pretty well destroys it in finesse and overall sound stage.. and power. And EQ. It surprised me from what other people think. It's such a non-subtle difference on my high end IEMs.
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  11. zolom
    Samsung S10 owners: Playing LDAC best quality (909/990 kbs) usually results in choppy sound.
    To resolve that issue, disable the LOCATION icon on the Settings pull down menu.

    Hope Samsung will rectify that issue, soon.

    saw that on another forum
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
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  12. Pricklyears101
    Yeah i noticed it on mine as well. I've used battery care mode since the very beginning and noticed 80% to <40% there is a very sharp decline while 20% seems to last forever. Though inaccurate, I have never completely drained the battery during a single use and have always used battery care to prolong battery life. I think it's a firmware bug which is easily fixed in an update and imo not a dealbreaker for everyday use.
  13. Cerebro
    I ordered the es100 and am thinking of buying the pouch Pricklyears101 posted earlier or something else to keep a set of iems and the es100 in when not in use. How snug is the fit when you put your iems, cable and es100 in? I don’t want is to be to big of a hassle to put it in or take it out. Also, does it offer any protection or is it not a very rigid pouch?
    As an alternative I found some waterproof containers on AE with foam inside, but that’ll be without an external battery.
  14. Pricklyears101
    It is quite rigid so it protects its contents very well at the expense of not being expandable. I'm not sure about the size of your iems but i have to take some time to sort out the contents when packing everything in before zipping it up so it's not something you can stuff things in without giving it some thought. Sounds like a hassle but i got used to it in time. And the whole size of it if everything fits in is like the size of a smartphone so it's pocket friendly. My only conern is the micro usb charging cable of the charging pouch is quite short and i wished it was a right angle one instead of a straight jack so extra care is needed when in use. Oh yeah I'm using 40cm cables with my iems so i think a standard 1.2m cable is asking too much of it. My advice is if there is a retail store around you, go and see if everything fits before buying. Hope this helps!
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  15. Ckro
    Bought the ES100 from Amazon a couple of weeks ago, love this tiny thing!
    Much much better than shanling M0 and co.

    Love the app also, a very nice feature with the eq.
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