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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. scotvl
    You're gonna love the es100s signature and power with your new IEMs. I'm listening to mine right now with my KPEs over Ldac from the G7 and they pair great together.
  2. redrol
    Awesome thanks for that explanation. Im going to give it a good workout either way, make up my mind that way.
  3. Cevisi
    I got it now is ldac the best quality mine is on aptx how i connect whit ldac on s8+
  4. Cevisi
    Ok got it too ldac sounds better now i like the sound but the bass gets a bit boomy any tips to get the best out of it ? Digital filters oversampling ?
    Does 2.5 balanced change alot ? Im using now 3.5

  5. docentore
    Folks, I'm having some issues with SQ over USB, I can hear cracks every few seconds. Would this be bad usb connection? I didn't have this problem with other DACs on same ports.
  6. Cevisi
    Can you try it whit another cable or port ?
  7. docentore
    did that already
  8. redrol
    OK i got the ES100 about 2 hours ago. Went for a run and directly connected my new Lyre Pansy balanced cable to my Moondrop A8s. I figured out how to get my dumb phone into LDAC 24/96 mode,then hit a fat bass bost in the EQ section. Also used 4x oversampling and the 4th bottom digital filter. End game instantly. By that I mean my A8s sounded far far better than the output of my G7 in its highest quality most output mode.. which btw I have to nearly max out to run the a8s at a good volume.

    So, this thing aint going anywhere. It is f'n awesome and I love it instantly. Its making me think the G7 QUAD OMG SABRE dac isn't all its cracked up to be honestly.
  9. stormers
    Mine stutters when setting on LDAC highest settings mode and it keeps revert back to Best Effort mode.

    Also, I've always thought that EQing yourself is better than using the default profiles. It's great that it suits your taste instantly :)
  10. redrol
    It's got a delicate sound that the quad sabre dac didn't have. I love it! For whatever reason my LDAC works at high bitrates no problem. Even across my whole house. Im actually very impressed with this little thing.

    Im thinking maybe all BA sets have bad synergy with my G7. I haven't heard anything good out of it on any of them. Too clinical, too high pitched.
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  11. Cevisi
    Man same this thing is killer whit every headphone that i use and i was heavy suprised as i connectet whit my car the sound gets 10 times better. I testet the ambient modus yesterday too works great
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  12. scotvl
    Told you you would love it, I know I love mine.
    Also it has great synergy with the G7 over ldac, mine never loses connection or skips and they both sip on their batteries powering my IEMs.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
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  13. redrol
    It's worth a lot more than 100 bux for sure. Im totally smitten and also because I literally run for hours listening to my iems and it's ideal. I need to be minimal and it fits perfect. The sound quality is beyond amazing for the price. Blows away any phone output including the LGs and Samsungs.
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  14. MariusAB
    Don't know why but it connects to armature iems really perfectly. With my dm6 that are sometimes harsher sounding in treble with es100 it's silky smooth so i mainly listen this way with ldac. They really worth more than its priced. So no wonder that your moondrop a8 sounds nice with it. Good buy.
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  15. skeptical
    Don't touch Lg, especially v30. Its Ldac is good but not that good as v30 in aux mode.
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