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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. peter123
    Yeah, as long as you're happy it's obviously fine. Just out of curiosity, what headphones and IEM's don't you feel the ES100 have enough power for?
  2. meringo
    It brings my dynamic IEMs to life for sure, but the big difference for me was being able to properly drive my full-size cans.

    I bought the Ni without wireless intentions, though. It will eventually power my full-size headphones coming out of an Xbox One Controller. The Ni supports mic cables.
  3. meringo
    I think we posted at the same time! see my response to this above. The function was specific.
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  4. peter123
    Ah, I see thanks.

    For me the ES100 has enough power for everything I own except the HD800S, HE560 and T50RP. I'm spoiled by the simplicity of the ES100 though so I recently ordered a Chi-Fi Bluetooth receiver that's a lot more powerful than the ES100 (1W@32Ohm but also quite a bit bigger from the pictures). I'm really curious to see how it works out when it arrives but that's probably more relevant in some other thread....
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  5. rkw
    If you're getting good results, go for it! In theory, connecting two amps in serial combines the nonlinearities of both of them. It could work out, but technically the ideal is a single amp that provides enough gain. For power needs, the ES100 has some wiggle room with its 2x and balanced modes.
  6. Pricklyears101
    No not upset, just seems counterproductive at first since the es100 is designed to be all in one with enough clean power to drive almost anything and stacking it takes away the small form factor but I'm sure you have your reasons and I hope you're kind enough to share your findings here. Just of curiosity, I'm considering mating the es100 to the oriolus ba300s tube amp with balanced in/out so your findings will certainly help me and some people out there.
  7. skeptical
    Interesting, I was thinking of something similar to increase the battery live and to get rid of useless wonky clip. Do you know any power bank matching the size?
  8. meringo
    OooOoO you just inspired me.

    - I looked on Amazon. There seem to be a number of USB thumbstick sized batteries now for under $20. There also seem to be some credit card length/width options, which might make for a good base and put the ES100 and Ni amp side by side on top of it. Ideas ideas...

    - The TRN BT20 charging cable is dual micro-usb. That could be the backbone if routed/secured cleanly.

    - That ES100 clip is coming off tonight. I'm out of warranty and will give it a go -- should get rid of some of the extra thickness

    We kind of have the framework for a decent small sized DIY DAP. You could adhere the whole unit on a cheap phone case, making it look seamless / just have a thicker phone that's as easy to remove as removing the case.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  9. skeptical
    I did it once, accidently with 80% volume and nothing happened except a good face palm. Now I'm debating whether can it be charged with quick charge 3.0 A or not.
  10. Cerebro
    Thanks for testing! Okay so based on your tests the switch from iPhone+dongle to iPhone+ES100 should only be made if the dongle is a nuisance (it is), if you prefer BT connection over a wired connection or if the iems need equalizing or extra power. Right?
  11. DanWiggins
    Should not be an issue if the ES100 is driving a Nickel, as the Nickel has a 10 kOhm input impedance. As far as the ES100 is concerned, it's driving basically nothing. No current spike, nothing to worry about.
  12. DanWiggins
    Ever listen to a high-end audio system? Then you've heard a "double amped" system. When any other device feeds the input of the Nickel, it sees a 10 kOhm load. That device becomes a preamplifier. It's providing voltage gain, and maybe some other processing (like the ES100's EQ capability). But it's no longer supplying any power (3V peak - which is what the ES100 can do - into 10 kOhm means 0.45 mW maximum - it idles at a higher power level).

    Double-amping is really a non-issue UNLESS your second amp has a very low input impedance. But then, it's really not designed as an amplifier, is it (which is supposed to take a small signal and make it a big signal, typically in terms of power which is voltage AND current).

    Double-amping, for all the sturm und drang bandied about, is a non-issue.
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  13. Pricklyears101
    I dont think qc3.0 will work as the qualcomm chip inside is only doing bt transcoding duties and it's not the same as the snapdragon soc found in smartphones.

    Basically yeah
  14. docentore
    Is it the HaaFree / Lusya one?
  15. peter123
    Yes it is, I believe it might be SaoMai branded but that's just a feeling....
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