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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. dweaver
    Anyone experience a rattle in their ES100? Sounds like some is loose inside it. But it still works. Thinking I need to send it back.
  2. neatokino
    I had that problem with the first ES 100 I bought. And it was accompanied by issues with the on/off button and intermittent bluetooth connection issues. I had bought on Amazon, returned it, ordered another, and have had no problems since (about a month). These devices are terrific in what they do, and I am happy now, but their build quality isn't necessarily great.
  3. Alphasoixante
    Today I learned that the battery meter in the app is also a button. I have been grumbling to myself recently because I couldn't fathom why the unit would restart (or power on if it was off) whenever it was plugged in. I had no idea that there was a way to change that behavior. I really do love this little thing and its app, even if the physical build quality needs improvement (clip tension, I'm looking at you!). Screenshot_20181201-142458_EarStudio.jpg Screenshot_20181201-142516_EarStudio.jpg
  4. Rowethren
    That is amazing! I kept finding it really irritating when I got home and plugged it in to charge that it would turn itself back on. Problem solved!
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  5. allaces305
    I'm almost convinced that the battery meter on the app is always off.. It's all over the place... Sometimes it says 80% and then in like 5min. 72%... Then back up again to 76% and so on.... But I'm getting great battery life from the unit... Is anyone else experiencing this issue...btw I'm on Android and I'm software 2.0.1 should I return my unit or is this normal??
  6. MisterMudd
    Normal. I've had mine for several months, not updated to latest software and it is the same. Still good battery life. I just don't pay the battery meter any attention.lol
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  7. allaces305
    Yeah I stopped trying to pay attention to it but I have sorts of an OCD with audio equipment and electronics in general so I wish that eventually they would get this right but overall the EarStudio ES100 is an amazing device... The sound quality and it's features are unmatched for a Bluetooth module..
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  8. birdman
    Mine rattles, too. It works fine, so I've just ignored it.
  9. allaces305
    Yeah I just tested mines and when I put it up to my ear and shook it I heard some rattle... Maybe that's just the plastic buttons??? It works perfect so I'm not worried at all...
  10. Luigi Milazzo
    Wow, the pinnacle p1 now really sings in balanced mode. Now the problem is to find an open headphone that sound so good... i found the Massdrop hd58x so disappointing and even worse when amped through es100 and other sources. I really like the sound of srh940, so solid and sculpted, and i want to use them only with the radsone. Any suggestion?
  11. Hanesu
    Let`s start a new series: "Make your ES100 look nicer!" :)

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  12. allaces305
    Bro... Yes just like that for me also... The app is kinda all over the place between 80% to 20% ...I don't even want to say that because it changes all the time but what I can say for real 100% is that when it reaches like 20% it lasts forever.
  13. allaces305
    Yeah mines has it too but it works perfect...I think it's a button rattle...I only hear this rattle when I place it up to my ear... I'm not worried about it because the unit seams solid and it's working great..
  14. Trapok
    Nicer, hummm :wink:
  15. Hanesu
    Then make it nicer for your taste! :wink:

    "Nice" is a question of taste. Me, personally, I prefer graphic structures to grey plastic! :wink:
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2018
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