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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. smorgar
    Does Aptx-HD and LDAC sound the same to you?
  2. zerolight
    Absolutely agree. The 1010 is very nice. I have one that came with my K10s and bought one when I had Angies. The advantage the 1010 has is you don’t need to unplug from the ES100.
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  3. niron
    I use the Pelican 1020 and it feels a little bulky for me.

    Looks very interesting. I'll get one.

    Thanks guys!
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  4. bavinck
    Yes. I'll experiment a bit more tonight on it but I didn't notice much, if any, difference at first.
  5. PiSkyHiFi
    I'm not certain, but I imagine the extra processing is due to software implementation of LDAC rather than hardware, I think the Snapdragon 835 in your Pixel 2 does AptX HD in hardware.

    I don't think Sony would have done any DSP within LDAC at the receiver, DSEE HX is only for Sony source devices.

    I'm still waiting for the LG V20 Oreo update to test LDAC out - I'm pretty happy with AptX HD so far, makes for a reliable Bluetooth experience.
  6. PiSkyHiFi
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  7. tuckers
    I definitely hear what you describe with the Pixel 2X, ES100 and LDAC. I like it, but I am listening to lossy mostly Spotify at the higher bit levels, so I don't consider that the best judge. I listen to a lot of hi-rez and DSD on my iBasso.

    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
  8. tuckers
    One other thing I'd like to complement EarStudio on is the charging time. I can plug in my device at 40% and in 15 minutes it charges 50% to a bit over 90% !
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  9. waynes world
    When using the ES100 as a USB DAC and listening to tunes off of my computer, I often get surprised when my cell phone goes off and I realize that don't need to take off my heaphones, but can simply answer the call and carry on. As long as I have the ES100 close enough to me on my desk, the caller can hear me, and I can hear the caller through my headphones, and once I hang up, back on comes my computer tunes.

    Whacky gizmo. It's all very good with this crazy good device! :)
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  10. stancorrected
    For my Andromedas which are pretty bulky for IEMs, and ES100, I found a good quality case for spectacles bought from my optician for $12 did the job quite nicely.
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  11. ElChapo007
    I totally agree im using a LGV20 which supports the AptXHD with Earstudio Es100 and a Samsung Note 8 which supports LDAC .AptxHD sounds more natural less electronically enhanced ..
  12. niron
    Thank you!

    Yeah, that was one of the options I considered as well.

    Ordered this one for now, based on zerolight recommendation. Let's see how it goes
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  13. berzerk428
    I have a general question, when sending music from the smartphone via bluetooth to a bluetooth receiver like the ES100, how much influence does the music app have on the audio quality?
    What processes are involved when the audio signal is transfered, is this mainly happening on a hardware level of the smartphone or is there a lot of software involved (including the music player of ones choice) before the hardware sets in?

    I was using Neutron on my V20 to get the most out of the DAC, but I really don't like the interface/user friendliness and am looking into new players now that I use the ES100 + Note 9
  14. berzerk428
    duplicate post
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  15. berzerk428
    duplicate post
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