Radiohead in Rainbows download - how much did you pay?
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When I read about the whole deal, sitting on my lappy and scanning Drudgereport, I was chewing on a Subway deli. I was lucky to make it to the checkout I pulled the reciept from the plastic bag and it was $6.47 total. So I paid $7 or whatever the currency exchange say $7 was.

Well, "it" works for me I guess. I'll be ashamed of myself if I pay less than a deli sandwitch.

On a sidenote, I've been obsessed with RH for many years and spent probably at least 300-400 on tix. 7 bucks. Getting old.
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If I download it, I will pay under $2. The problem with Radiohead's name-your-own price thing is that there are many of us who would have paid more if they knew they wouldn't end up buying the CD. If the download was at 256+VBR, I would not care to buy the CD, and would pay for $8 it , which is what I think it is going to be worth (and is I suspect much more than Radiohead makes on their regular CD release albums).
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I think I would've paid if there was an option for lossless, hell, even 192...
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I felt bad paying 0, so I had someone else who had paid 0 send it to me in a file transfer. Which, in a way is even worse, because they don't even get my email address. But by principle, i lumped it into my mind's category of simply torrenting something instead of this new idea of paying what you want for the music.

With that said, I still have no desire to listen to it because it's only 160kbps. It's buried in my hard drive right now and I haven't even added it to iTunes.
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I paid 1 GBP. It just didn't feel right for me to pay nothing. I'm definitely going to get the CD, but Radiohead music is ultimately enjoyable even in 160 kbps mp3 quality, IMHO.
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Originally Posted by LeChuck /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I paid $10USD, because that's roughly the price of OK Computer on, except here Radiohead will get 100% of that money.

For the first time in history we have some pretty substantial acts that are not attached to major labels, particularly Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails. If you like this type of thing, I highly suggest you support the band by not paying zero, even if it's just $2 to support them on general principle. I don't think it would be too presumptuous to assume that 99.99% of the people who post here can afford $2.

To everyone here who complains about the RIAA, unfair conglomerates, and the artist getting screwed: this is your chance, it's what you've been waiting for, please don't waste it.

Edit: I just realized it might sound like I'm attacking people who want to try before they buy. I think this is fine, as long as you follow through. A lot of people say they like to try before they buy, but they end up "trying" indefinitely...

I think LeChuck has it right.
I was debating how much to pay, and the Wife suggested paying what you would normally pay for a CD.
Since Radiohead is one of my top 20 bands, I decided to support them and donated at the Super fan level.

"What if I don't like the music?"
It's the same chance you take buying a CD you never heard before, or maybe only heard 1-2 songs from. I've done that many times and don't see the difference in this case.

I can't justify spending $80 on the box set, but if there is a stand alone CD or LP I will definitely buy it.

Guess it depends on how important the band and their music is to you
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People paying 0 just because its low bitrate is a pretty poor excuse. I paid 3 pounds.
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Got the boxset even though I don't have an LP player ... yet

Pretty disappointed by the number of people who paid less than 5 bucks (or said they will, yeah right...). If you can't justify a $5 software purchase, then I am not sure why you're on this forum, nitpicking on headphone amps and such?!

Hopefully, this is not representative of the whole fan base for Radiohead but more of the nickel and diming mentality of part of head-fi crowd... Else, I'd stop making music for such kind of audience!!

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As there were no details on the download format (that I could see) and because I haven't listened to Radiohead before, I decided to go with £0.

While I don't feel that a lossy format is worth any money whatsoever, I do now feel that I should have paid something to at least go towards their bandwidth costs, and I probably will do that, even if it's just £1 or so.

If there had been a high quality lossless download available, then I would have probably just bought it blindly to support the idea, and hopefully get an album I enjoy out of it. I would only pay about half of what an album would cost new though, seeing as you don't get a disc/case etc.

After having listened to it, I'm not sure if it's something I would buy (it is growing on me though) but if I were to buy it, I'd rather have the CD.

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