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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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  1. QueueCumber
    When they come out with a model that runs on my 50wpc amp, I’m all in after a demo if they sound as good as some people say. I’ve read mixed reviews, so I wouldn’t take the leap without a listen myself. Stax 009S sounds excellent. Susvara sounds excellent. I don’t think you’re going to be upset with the 009S, and I doubt you’ll be missing out on anything earth shattering, unless the idea that you might be missing out on something spoils your enjoyment of a top of the line headphone (Apparently it does for some people in this hobby, lol).
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  2. David Aldrich
    How were you able to get that to 0.1 Ohm?

    My math says 12 feet of 22 awg should be around 0.2 Ohm at best.l
  3. Zhanming057
    His wire is 7ft if I'm not mistaken. 18awg should get you there at 12ft.
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  4. Torq
    6 feet not 12.

    And I accidentally quoted the raw AWG not the aggregate anyway, so it's actually 19 AWG per channel/phase.

    Which is one reason why the 0.05 Ω version ditches the shield.
  5. dieslemat
    @Torq - I am eagerly waiting for your review and which amp pairs well with tha SR1a
  6. David Aldrich
    70994679-4C75-4D54-908F-C27EB29A9E27.jpeg 59F4C639-DE78-4E17-93BA-85A7295E8009.jpeg 4A71C2BD-229E-47E0-925E-6B0F481086AD.jpeg
    Don’t you have to count both sides of the cable, 6 feet there and 6 back for 12 feet between ribbon and adapter box?

    My 22 awg silver plated copper kapton cable I made comes out to about .33 Ohm for 10 feet each way.

    Looks nice though.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
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  7. Torq
    I was going off the measurements of the cable that came with the cans, but even if I take the out-and-back length, I'm still under 0.1 ohms for the full run (measured ... four-wire "Kelvin" method with a dedicated milliohmmeter).

    That's an interesting, and attractive configuration you have there. And, I am sure, a good bit more flexible than mine. Between the 19 AWG aggregate conductors, their insulation, core, fillers, wrap and shielding, the runs I have going to the cups from my splitter are 4.0mm diameter.

    Amphenol 3.5mm connectors? TRS or TRRS?

    What are you feeding your SR1a with?
  8. David Aldrich
    TRS, I figured the way TRRS jacks mate with TRS plugs I would still benefit from having both contacts on the sleeve providing low resistance there.

    I’m using the Ragnarok 2 which I’ve really been digging for the pairing. Though I do prefer it with the Gungnir MultiBit feeding it.

    Had Danny our for an extensive listening test and he came to favor a Jotunheim with MultiBit DAC into a Vidar. Don’t be surprised if you see that setup at his booths in the future.
  9. thomaskong78
    I have Rogue Crouns MagnumII (100W) and Lyngdofr 2170(170W for 4 ohm) to try out with Sr1a.

    After getting Stax 009S and Kgsshv Carbon on July 9th, I will give it at least 2 weeks to tune it.

    Then I may place an order for SR1a to compare with combo of Stax 009S and Kgsshv Carbon.

    I have Dave and Mscaler.

    Also using Lyngdorf 2170 as Dac and digital equalization, I have more room for tuning frequency of SR1a.
  10. blubliss Contributor
    Is the headphone available for listening at the Schittr David?
  11. David Aldrich
    At the moment I believe it’s at the shop for some development work. It should be there sooner or later.
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  12. QueueCumber
    I'm finding the info out there on what amp power is sufficient to drive these a little confusing. On the Raal website it only says "100W speaker amp required." Then other people are saying it needs to double down into 4 ohms. But then online I see lower requirements on the 4 ohm wattage and amps being recommended with lower 4 ohm wattages. Can someone from Raal give me a definitive metric here?

    What exactly does it require for wattage into 8 ohms, 4 ohms, and lesser ohms?

    I have an amp that can definitely drive them (200+ Watts at 8 Ohms that basically doubles into 4 Ohms) just for demo purposes (I need those amp channels back for my surround speaker setup), but if I were to decide to purchase them afterwards, I would want to look for a dedicated amp that is sufficient based on a definitive metric from Raal. Sure I can just pick up the Benchmark model that was used in voicing these, but I may have other options already that will fit the bill, and if so that would be great...

  13. dieslemat
    Curious to know if anyone is using a speaker selector/switch

    Been scouring the internet and all I can find look a bit crappy. Their’s one from QED but seems like they play around the ohm inout anx output
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  14. Mobil
    Today I finally have the opportunity to try my SR1a with a pair of mono block at 250 watts each in 8 ohm. I got a huge shocking experience how much the mono block can improve the sound quality of the SR1a. When I firstly received my SR1a few months back and used on HT receiver, the sound was really bad and felt very disappointed and thought it was a bad investment. After less than an hour of listening, I disconnected the set and kept in store room and do nothing. Now finally bought some proper amp and really enjoy the SR1a now. I am still burning in the SR1a as less than 4 hours of usage. I feel the SR1a really needs a lot of amp power as my volume setting is about 60% to 70% to achieve my usual listening level comparing to my 2 favourite speakers Stax 009 and Stax 007mk2.
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  15. Articnoise
    My old hifi dealer made a speaker selector himself because the ones on the market was degrading the sound to much. The one he made was good, but according to him expansive to make and it made the sound a bit smother and fuller than without. Many, me including, liked this faint smoothing effect with most speakers :smile:.
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