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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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  1. elton7033
    Thank you for your quick reply, please let me ask another question i just search up my speaker amp website and its say 30W+30W(8Ω)、60W+60W(4Ω)so does it have a decent amount of power to clear the requirements for the SR1a?
  2. LTKI
    So is it possible to get them directly from Serbia and reducing the shipping cost to Germany?
    Also, does the SR1a have a CE marking?
  3. Matez
    It should have it, right?
  4. yates7592
    Shameless plug - I'm selling my SR1a. Ships from UK so no taxes for EU citizens.
  5. Aleksandar R.
    I doubt you'd be happy. Only if you don't listen loud.
  6. Aleksandar R.
    I still don't have the cables and cases over here, so I can't ship out.

    The shipping from US may not be as stated on our website, it could be much, much lower.
    We are still developing the Credit Card payment section and for certain reasons it is difficult to integrate shipping calculators from various shipping companies.
    I know that USPS is the most cost-effective option to Germany, plus, we now offer significant discounts depending on the payment option.
    We will make that available on our website, too, but for now, please send an e-mail to danny@requisiteaudio.com and he'll explain you the options for savings.


  7. Aleksandar R.
    It is not mandatory for any equipment that doesn't plug into power to have the CE marking, but we marked them anyway.
    The mark is on the engraved plate at the lid of the case (now we do that).
  8. LTKI
    I sent him an email a while ago, but did not receive a reply. I understand that you guys probably have a lot on your hands right now. Are there maybe demo units available, or do we have to rely on the 14 day return policy? I'm wondering if customs and taxes would be refunded if I send them back.
  9. Aleksandar R.
    Thank you for your understanding, we really get too busy most of the time.
    The trouble is that Customs Duty and Mwst. will not be returned to you if you send them back after two weeks. We will be happy to honor the Money-Back-Guarantee, but we can't return what your Government charged you and neither will they.
    Even if I ship you from Serbia, same problem, we're not in EU.

    Basically, until some German distributor starts with this, you won't be able to listen to demos or enjoy the full money back guarantee.

    I know that Danny is currently talking with someone in Germany, but who and when, I don't know.

    As for e-mailing, I talked to him about your question about reduced shipping cost and incentives for payment-options-discount, so he expects the e-mail with such questions.
    Honestly, I don't think he'll consider replying questions about sending demos overseas and similar requests. I told him so, as whenever I did that with tweeters, I never got the tweeters back or got the money for them.

  10. LTKI
    Thanks for your detailed replies! I will try to contact Danny again.
    One last question: If I bought the SR1a used, would the warranty still be valid?
  11. Aleksandar R.
    You're most welcome! The warranty is only made to the original purchaser and is not transferable.
  12. Seth Warshavsky

    Any ideas after looking at my preamp specs?


  13. elton7033
    So this makes me hesitate to buy your product is a shame my 7000pounds amp does not have enough power for the SR1a although some measurement actually suggest that the true spec behind the l590ax2 is actually 4X the power they claim but I cannot risk this could since I... as the Sr1a is not a cheap product as well.
  14. GuyForkes
    Could be an issue of system synergy. The input signal from the preamp would make a big impact on the sound. The GSX MK2 has a reputation of being quite analytical and unforgiving (though I've not yet heard it). I would imagine things sounding quite sterile combined with Yggdrasil and AHB2. If possible, try replacing the GSX MK2 with a Freya/Freya+ (great timing too since the Freya+ was just announced).

    I use the Rogue Audio RP-7 myself and find its contribution to be significant.
  15. LTKI
    Oh, that is really rough for the used market :triportsad:
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