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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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    Impressions? Comparisons to other TOTL headphones?
  2. Tekunda
    When I ran into the Heddphone stand, I just had listened to the Susvara and the Abyss 1266 TC.
    Since you are not able to do a direct A/B comparison at a trade show, I needed to rely on my memory, which, at an audio show with all the noise and distractions happening around you, might not be the best indicator to judge a particular headphone sound.
    So in order to stay fair, the best I can say is that after hearing the Heddphone, I was impressed enough to postpone the headphone purchase I had planned after the show.
    (I was thinking of buying the new Abyss 1266 TC)
    I honestly believe the upcoming Heddphone are worth the wait.
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    Interesting indeed.
  4. BreadMaster
    Are you going to sell your Meze now? Just get the Raals man and end this search of yours Alex might even give you a nice deal! :wink:

    Current king :thumbsup:

    3.Hifiman Susvara /Abyss1266Tc
    Last edited: May 15, 2019
  5. cladane
    True that in Munich each year new nuggets spring up which don’t make always a success story.

    What brings Susvara closer to the SRH1A is that both work really well connected to speakers amps. Difficult to speak of them having listened only with headphones amps.
    My point of vue.
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    I don't own the Meze. It was a loaner. I liked the look so much I made it my profile pic. I reviewed it.
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  7. joseph69
    How did the Meze Empyrean suit you?
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  8. joseph69
    I take it you received your new amp to drive the SR1a properly which is why it's in first place now?
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    It is pretty awesome. But, I still don't want to purchase it though. Once I heard that Susvara I'm still stuck on that until I can hear something that beats it.
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  10. BreadMaster
  11. Jozurr
    Just got an Anthem STR integrated - 200 wpc in 8 ohms. Talk about power - drives my HE-6 very very well. Now just waiting to receive the SR1a!

    Might end up picking another amp or two to try with the SR1a in the similar range.
  12. BreadMaster

    100+ Head-Fier

    @Jerseyboy Ok Jersey that is not good. Please switch back to the SR1A prof pic. :sob:
  13. DelsFan
    Just a quick question. OK, two.
    1) I briefly heard the VOCE + BHSE combo at a recent headphone meet and preferred the VOCE headphones to the SR-009s. For Jazz and female vocals but also Classic Rock and Modern Country (sometimes indistinguishable, other than the availability and use of modern production methods) would you suggest the VOCE plus BHSE combo is closer to the performance of the SR1a headphones than the SR-009s? It seems the VOCEs are a lot less thin in the lower ranges - and less expensive too.

    2) You don't think either of the two electrostats paired with the BHSE are justified, given their price to performance ratio. But (and I'm not being snide, I really want to know), it seems the SR1a headphones cost $1K more than the VOCEs, and it seems the $6K for the BSCE (which is maybe the world standard of an amplifier for electrostats, and if one wants a solid state KGSSHV Carbon instead (which I REALLY liked, and I am wedded to tubes), it too is about the same price) won't begin to cover the cost of the amp(s) and preamps required to drive the SR1a headphones to their full potential. Do you feel the performance of the SR1a headphones, at their best, is enough better to justify a $12K to $15K (including headphones) investment in order to pair them with something like the Spectral Amp and Preamp vs the $9K for VOCE plus BHSE? Or am I going wrong somewhere with my analysis (which is entirely possible!).
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  14. dieslemat
    Hello, good questions really. I spent one morning in SLT’s office auditioning the SR1a in detail. Will come out with another mini review soon.

    But to quickly answer your question (in general, apologies if i cant address it in specifics; will do soon): i did spend a lot of time with the Voce + bhse but i wasnt compelled to purchase it. But with the sr1a, i must say i am in the process of selling my planar hp (efo) + schiit mjolnir 2 + Sony Wm1a just to comsolidate my gear to the sr1a. I know for sure once I have the sr1a all my other gears will collect dust.
  15. DelsFan
    I'll be glad to hear more details, but, paraphrased:

    "I wouldn't spend the $$ for the VOCE plus BHSE but I'm selling off everything to exclusively listen to ribbon headphones that require a completely different setup costing even more money..."

    pretty well answers my question! Thanks for your reply; now I'll try and go back and read the last half (or 2/3) of this thread!
    Last edited: May 20, 2019
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