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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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  1. cradon
    I'm curious, what amps and upstream components have taken the SR1a to the top for you?
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  2. biscottino
  3. biscottino
    I don't think so, also because Susvara I can also listen to him lying down, eheh!
  4. biscottino
  5. cradon
    These are two very different sounding headphones that excel in the different areas. I go back and forth between them (preferring one over the other) depending on the track and genre of music.
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  6. GuyForkes
    It was the Rogue Audio ST-100 in combination with the Rogue Audio RP-7 preamp. Further upstream was a Lindemann CD player I know nothing about. I assume it was good because it was the best sound I've heard coming out of a pair of headphones.
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  7. biscottino
    has anyone been able to compare the sr1a with the k1000?
    The Riviera aic10 and k1000 combo is incredible above all for classical and jazz music, strength and realistic tone and headstage, I think we are in addition to Susvara as a whole, but doing other things well.
  8. cladane
    Well, seems that actually the challenge would better suit a comparison between SR1a and MySphere 3.2
    Different comments yet on this topic.
  9. cladane
    Interesting for me.
    Could you elaborate on genre relativity ?
  10. biscottino
    personally I preferred k1000 on mysphere, in fact I didn't switch to mysphere
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  11. Zhanming057
    Really curious about why you prefer the K1000? Is it because of compatibility with speaker amps?

    I had the K1000 and Mysphere 3.2 side by side for two weeks, and I didn't feel any need to buy the K1000 (again) at all. The Mysphere's performance is a superset of the K1000.
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  12. biscottino
    I also had other k1000, this last one that I own was reviewed by Akg about 2 years ago, the driver suspension was changed, an operation that unfortunately due to lack of spare parts Akg is no longer willing to do.
    This operation brings the k1000 to play wonderfully with detail, airiness and a low level of absolute level, obviously it is not the best way to listen to music to listen to rock and rap, but for that I have other headphones, one over all the Pioneer if master1 that is great fun.
    Of course, I think that even the Riviera is the best amp ever heard with the k1000, and this means a lot.
  13. Tekunda
    If the new Air Motion Transformer Heddphone, which was presented in Munich (my thread has a link to it) will deliver for "well below" €2000, not only Hifiman will have problems with his price policy.

    Here is the link again:

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  15. Tekunda
    I just came from the Abyss booth, where I had decided that the 1266 TC will be my next upgrade, when I ran into the Heddphone stand.
    I was impressed enough by the prototype, that I decided to postpone my Abyss 1266 TC purchase and instead am planning now to wait until the last quarter of 2019, when these HP will become available.
    If they hold their sonic promises, it could save me several thousand dollars, when compared to the price of the Abyss.
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