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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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  1. Articnoise
    I appreciate your impressions, and am happy to read that rather inexpensive amps can rock the SR1A better than many more expansive ones. That’s great!

    I get that you want to express that the quality of the DAC was minor compared to the amp, I really do. I was just thinking that it could been said in a less snippy way, that’s all.

    Rock on :L3000:
  2. Seth Warshavsky
    I got it, and you’re right. I apologize for the snip!

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  3. italiandoc1
    Just to chime in...I almost bought a Vidar for another application and, I agree, it is a great value. There are also a number of A/B amps that run with significant class A bias that sound great and can put out a lot of power, and they can be had on the used market for very little. Anyway, there will always be "but what about this amp" type questions, but it never made a lot of sense to me to spend more on the amp than your transducer.
  4. dieslemat
    Im guessing all this talk about amp just goes to show how great the SR1a is.

    Most other threads on headphones would talk about the actual headphones itself. Measurements, build, comparison on other headphones. But this thread focuses mostly on what amp to pair it with.

    Apart from the smell of burnt material and the color of the plugs I’ve yet to read anything substatially wrong about the SR1a.

    To be honest I’d like to know more and hear more about other people’s impression rather than what components to pair it with. Since the previous comments covered all that.

    Im not much of a classical listener but Ive heard the SR1a listening to jazz and they are f’ing amazing.
  5. llamaluv
    I agree, for jazz, the SR1a is a must-have.

    I've been listening to a lot of small ensemble stuff which is atmospheric, kind of minimalistic, lots of black background and tangy cymbals... ECM type stuff.
  6. biscottino
    I participate in the forum to learn new things and learn about new points of view different from mine.
    Meanwhile, I thank you for the information, I think I will soon have a deal for a new Sr1a and therefore, I had a positive response from Danny of customer service for availability and therefore I have about a fortnight to decide which amp to buy.
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  7. Jerseyboy

    Yes, I have been using John Zorn's "From Silence To Sorcery" as one of my reference recordings with the SR1a. Beautifully recorded and outstanding presentation on the SR1a - listen to the screaming violins on Goetia or the percussion piece Gris-Gris, they are as realistic as you can get without being there...

    I can also suggest the album "Wandering" by Yosi Horikawa to illustrate the range and capabilities of the SR1a.
  8. joseph69
    I can't stop thinking about buying the SR1a & Vidars to use in mono block configuration paired with my GS-X as a pre-amp!
    Thanks a lot, @Seth Warshavsky you're killing me! I need to unsubscribe from this thread immediately!
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  9. Seth Warshavsky
    Sorry about that LOL, at least the Vidar are inexpensive. You definitely will not be disappointed if you do. I think you can demo the SR1A as well. They really are the most incredible headphones I have ever heard.
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  10. BreadMaster
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  11. BreadMaster

    JUST DO IT!!!! Buy the damn thing!! Dont pu$$y out like Petestratumus did :laughing:
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
  12. joseph69
    Unfortunately I've already had the pleasure of demoing the SR1a thanks too @llamaluv!
    All joking aside. I'm considering this combo, but again, I'm in no rush as either aren't going anywhere.
    I'm sure I'll be pulling the trigger sooner than later, though.
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  13. Zhanming057
    Do keep in mind that the Vidar's are but one of many options, and that your listening experience might differ. Personally, I have not tried the SR1a on the Vidars but found the Ragnarok (v1) not particularly good with the SR1a, mostly being somewhat underpowered and not as good as dedicated speaker amps in the same price range. A friend of mine ran the SR1a's with a Vidar and later moved to the Esoteric I03, and felt that the I03 was a substantive step up. Granted, the I03 is arguably one of, if not the best Class D integrated system out there. It's certainly possible that the Vidar's have some kind of magical synergy, but my experiences the amps that pair best with the SR1a's tend to be the most expensive ones with overengineered power delivery solutions. Schiit makes some excellent products that do punch somewhat above their price point,and if you prefer oversampled R2R to DS DAC's you may very well prefer the Yggy over a Directstream, but that doesn't mean that the Directstream isn't a more technically accomplished DAC.

    Anyways, my personal take is still that if you want to get the best out of the SR1a's, modern Spectral, paired AHB2's, the really big Bryston's, or high end stuff like Lamm or Nagra monoblocks are your best best. I do agree with Seth that if you're dipping your toes in, the Vidar is probably the cheapest way to do so with okay results. That said, something like a 14b3 or Nagra AMP will run just about any pair of headphones with no perceptible noise (I run the rather sensitive Mysphere 3.2 on my Nagra with no issues), and the same can't be said for the noise floor of the Vidar. The Vidar is nonetheless pretty good for something like the Susvara or the Abyss Phi, though.
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
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  14. W S L
    What about two Aegirs (Vidar's little brother) in monoblock mode, vs two Vidars in monoblock mode?
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
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  15. joseph69
    What you're saying is in the back of my mind, and I already know myself well enough that I'd be looking to further upgrade. After hearing Lee's Pass/SR1a I wouldn't be too happy with hearing anything less which is why I stated "unfortunately I've already had the pleasure of demoing the SR1a thanks too @llamaluv!" I also mentioned this to Lee the day I demoed the SR1a at his place.
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