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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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  1. biscottino
    could you please try how this sr1a behaves with the Riviera aic10 that I think Pierre should have in his boutique and report the result on this forum?
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  2. musicman59
    At Axpona 2018 I asked the guys who was in the HiFiMan booth (Andy) why the Shangi-La was so expensive and the answer was “Is part of a $50,000 system”.
    I was a big HiFiMan fan but after their new pricing and change of people here in the US I am out.
  3. P.Car
    Andy works for Mr. Speakers now.

    Angel used to work as the US sales rep and he was a good guy. Then all of a sudden, he was gone too. He lasted a few months.

    There seems to be no backbone to speak of there whatsoever.

    $$$ is the almighty motivator.

    They make some decent sounding gear but profit margins are through the roof. I think SR1a is going to change the market and bring these mega-priced cans back to a more reasonable price.

    Somebody needed to bring these companies back to earth...
  4. BreadMaster
    LOL this infamous video started this whole meme :D

    Fang is thirsty for your $$$:money_mouth:

  5. musicman59
    Good luck to Dan. :wink:
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  6. cladane
    Pierre did sell his AIC-10 and hasn’t received the cans.
    Now next step will be to get those SR1a and connect them to the Solista mkiii which is damn powerful.
    I will report here.
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  7. Seth Warshavsky
    We have been running the SR1A on two Schiit VIdar (I think MSRP is USD 699 or thereabouts) as monoblocks for about 3 days now. I have to say they sound absolutely incredible, in my honest opinion, they have more balls and sound fuller than the Bryston 3B3 that we have been running for the past few weeks prior. I have 2 setups that we have been running on,

    1 a Schiit Yiggy with a GSX MK2 as a Pre and the 2 Vidar as monoblocks to the SR1A and they sound absolutely phenomenal.
    2 a PS Audio Directstream with GSX MK2 as a Pre with the 2 Vidar as monoblocks and the SR1A equally as unreal.

    There is all this talk about expensive amps and class D NCORE. I can tell you that we have tried at least 10 different amps, Bryston 3B3s, NAD M25, Hagel, Lyngdorf, the list goes on...

    And these simple inexpensive A/B Schitt Vidar, that are in stock now in Black and Silver sound better than any of them.

    Yes, some more expensive amps may sound better, but I can say without hesitation that these sound better than the HE1 that I tested at can jam Singapore with the SR1A.


    So while you're trying to find the ultimate endgame solution buy 2 Vidar, use them as monoblocks and quit screwing with all these other class D amps and stuff that just doesn't sound good. These WILL blow you away!
    Last edited: May 4, 2019
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  8. BreadMaster
    "these sound better than the HE1 that I tested at can jam Singapore with the SR1A."

    "these sound better than the HE1 that i tested at can jam Singapore with the SR1A."

    "these sound better than the HE1 "

  9. Seth Warshavsky
    I think if you listen with a propper source and amplification you’ll agree. Everyone that I have had test them in the industry has made the same statement, so it’s not just a b.s. thing I’m saying. The HE1 is a complete package with a amplifier for around 50,000. Try spending 1400 on two Vidar and try you may agree. You may not, but to laugh it off before trying is just blind ignorance.

    Last edited: May 5, 2019
  10. BreadMaster
    Have you tried them on any of the Accuphase and Luxman integrat?
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  11. Seth Warshavsky
    Luxman no, Accuphase the distributor offered to bring us a demo. I can give it a try next week and give you my feedback.

    The reason I’ve been reluctant to try others now is the Vidar are so good and the value is amazing!

    I’ll demo the Accuphase for you next week though.

  12. dieslemat
    My sentiments as well.
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  13. biscottino
    you are very kind Cladane, surely your tests will be very welcome, on the card the Soloist should be insufficient, but anything can happen.
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  14. BreadMaster
    Ok good!
    schiit freya + 2 vidar will save me alot of money! :smiley:
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
  15. franz12
    I guess you are saying here that the yggy which is $2400 is as good as the PS Audio Directstream which is $6000?
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