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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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    I barely listen to that nowadays "hip-hop" I listen to mostly classic '70s, electronic, indie music. I listen to so much it would make a regular man sick hahaha.
  2. llamaluv
    I'm not sure if you're open to having two big-ticket-item headphones at the same time, but this seems like a good time to express the opinion that the SR1a and the Susvara make a really good two-headphone combo.

    Mostly because they both synergize with the same kind of amp (ie, a really nice speaker amp), and the Susvara sounds so damn good out of a good speaker amp compared to the typical stuff.

    And yea, the Susvara (over a speaker amp specifically) has top-tier bass (better than, say, the Abyss Phi IMO), so that's one of the best reasons to consider having the two together...
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    $ won't allow such expenditures. I wish. I have to tackle these ones by one over a longer time span.
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  4. Zhanming057
    Did you buy the Susvara yet? I agree on the synergy part @llamaluv mentioned, but given the price of the Susvara I would prioritize owning the SR1a - the Susvara is too expensive IMO unless you can get it for a really good price. I do agree that a pair of "real" headphones is kind of a necessity given the SR1a's lack of isolation and incompatibility with headphone amps, and I currently run the Diana Phi's for that purpose (although they're on a long-ish term loan to a friend in exchange for the K1000).

    I guess my main complaint with those is the build quality and the fact that the MSRP stateside is still close to $6k (but you can do much better if you ask around). That's the SR1a's MSRP plus an excellent solid state integrated amp.

    Have you demo'ed the SR1a? The speed of the bass response more than makes up for the higher fundamental resonant frequency. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the amp has to have robust power delivery to keep up with the load spikes during Hip-hop/bassy music. Weaker SMPS-based class D's for example might not be able to ramp up current quickly enough and limit excursion/ go into protection.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
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  5. HoloSpice
    You can also use integrated
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  6. Aleksandar R.
    I actually like how hip-hop sounds on SR1a. Maybe it's my general taste for how a bass should actually sound (not like on circumaural headphones)...
    In any case, Susvara is $2.5K more expensive, which is more than enough for a good amp. A plus is that it will drive your speakers, as well as any other headphones.
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  7. protoss
    No. This rare unicorn is hard to demo! Unless you blindly buy it. There's like about 5 people who has it, it seems. Give me a location in Toronto to demo this?
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    No, I am still headphone less. Once I start being indecisive I won't be ready to splurge for a while.
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  9. HoloSpice
    Just do it. DOOOOOO IT! Dont look back. Everybody in your neighnorhood is buying the SR1A!
    Not you again Mr.Spice! you do it, do it! hahaha ...doit.gif
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  11. Zhanming057
    You can demo both if you meet up with @llamaluv who is in NYC. Might be the easiest way to make a decision. I'd also give the 1266 Phi's a shot since used prices are even cheaper than the Susvara these days.

    I'm going out on a small limb here, but I would be fairly hesitant at supporting anything from Hifiman as a matter of principle. Dr. Bian has ignored obvious and known QC issues to rush deliver products, and has gone on record with some pretty disconcerting remarks about the hifi market and audiophiles in general. Not to say that he doesn't have excellent products - and the Susvara is certainly one of them - but when decent people have products that are also excellent, to me it's fairly clear who I want to put my money behind. Just my 2 cents as someone completely cynical about the China/Asia head-fi market, though.

    As Alex mentioned, the SR1a's bass is cleaner, more well defined and the speed is more realistic if you're familiar with how live bass sounds. The Susvara does have more bass in terms of quantity, though.
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  12. HoloSpice
    I'm already doing it Pete, its just you havnt done it yet! :laughing:

    Join usssss...dont join the triads.. Join the Serbian mafia.. :joy:
    Yeah, @llamaluv what's up? hahaha. I wanna peep your musical toys. :)
    I'm dead LMAO!
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  15. protoss
    @HoloSpice LOL. :)

    You need write a long review or impression on this! Don't lurk in the shadows
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
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