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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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  1. Zhanming057
    Never a bad choice to take NYC Pizza over anything :) Which place did you go to?

    Soundstage is much bigger than the Susvara - it's not so much "out of head" as not being "in the head" in the first place.
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    Franks on Bleeker st. It was delicious.
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  3. Aleksandar R.
    I also liked the idea of presets but it turned out that it's one thing to do them for linear movement (click-lock presets on headbands, for example) but another thing to do it for rotational movement.
    There would have to be a sort of a wheel with holes at circumference that allow the spring/ball to click in...Since the usable range of setting is between 10 and 45 degrees, where we would want about 6-7 presets, like every 5 degrees or so, the circumference would have to be large enough to place 2mm holes (or notches) every 5 degrees...Basically, the size weight and complexity of that mechanism left us with a preference for a lightweight friction-bearing that allows fine-tuning, which we use now.

    Nitinol is great with it's superelasticity, where it is needed, but we actually don't really want that in our spring because we'd loose the adjustment capability.
    I still haven't done a proper video that shows how to make the adjustments / fitting (sorry about that), but basically, it's all about bending the spring to desired directions enough so it stays deformed just the way you need it, setting the forces and angles to the values you feel most comfortable with.
    Superelasicity would oppose those actions and all of the spring shape, upper and lower clamping forces and angles could not be adjusted as the thing would always want to retain it's factory set shape.
    We can't use the same methods as circumaural pads headphones that use gimbal or fork/pivot mechanism to automatically adjust themselves to the shape of the skull, so it was either this or a bunch of joints with set-screws and that would be too confusing...

    There are lots of pros and cons for every idea or a feature, but we think we got them all balanced the best way.
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  4. Zhanming057
    That makes sense. I wasn't aware that you can bend the headband into shape to improve the fit - over long wearing sessions I did find mine a bit constricting in the "default" shape.

    How resistant is the headband to repeated bending? If I loaned mine to a friend for a week for example, is there any problems with him bending it again (and me bending it back subsequently)?
  5. sidrpm
    Nothing new, nothing has changed. This story has been repeated many times, this is not a first and most definitely not the last.
  6. Zhanming057
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    Yes, we know, They look nice! haha
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  8. Zhanming057
    Just trying to turn the thread away a bit after the unpleasantness...:)

    I've been finding myself increasingly categorizing my music by recording quality. The good stuff I use the SR1a's with, and the less good/bad stuff goes to the Mysphere 3.2.

    I probably listen to more "bad" recordings than the average Head-fi'er (and probably by a large margin, lots of friends in the indie scene), but I do really like how the two cans complement each other.
    Ugh, I don't know about that brother. I listen to a lot of poop recorded stuff "Library of 13,000" strong. :)
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
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  10. HoloSpice
    Soundstage larger than every other totl headphones? :kissing:
  11. GuyForkes
    Wow you weren't kidding @RAAL requisite Alex! Got my SR1a from SLT this evening. I didn't expect to get it this soon. Appreciate the effort it took to get them here so quickly.

    Only had time for a short test but from what I heard, I'm worried for my Susvara and AB-1266 PHI TC.

    Special thanks to SLT Technologies as well for the consistent updates on my order and for loaning me the power amp while I wait for my own!

    It's definitely larger than the Susvara and AB-1266 PHI TC. The difference isn't subtle either.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
    Why do these have to exist when I want the Susvara, but then these are better than the Susvara and buying that first I'll have the thought in the back of the mind that it's not the best :frowning2:
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  13. GuyForkes
    I think they each bring something to the table.

    SR1a - large and extremely life-like
    Susvara - sweet and effortless
    AB-1266 PHI TC - powerful and visceral

    It's about preference, can't go wrong either way.

    I can't use the SR1a now because my wife's asleep and there's too much sound leakage, so there's that.
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    Very true!.
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  15. protoss
    If I remember, you like Hip-hop right? The Sr1a will not sound great for that genre. Better to pick up a Susvara for that! Also, you need a dedicated amp/preamp and all that nonsense to power the Sr1a
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