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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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  1. hrklg01 Contributor
    Hello, the sound pressure level on the ear exceed already 110dB when Mysphere 3 start to distort when driven with heavy bass. This is designed in to protect customers ears. Just read the manual packed by....
  2. biscottino
    can you explain with which instruments you measure 110db?
    When I had the Mysphere, it was necessary to equalize the low range by removing db to keep the driver from going to the end of the race.
    The problem is not the db but the driver's hold on some frequencies.
  3. hrklg01 Contributor
    We measure with the artificial Head DSC_9198.JPG ead and Torso Simulator..
  4. biscottino
    you have made the measurements to obtain results, but when listening, a user does not have these tools, so the sensation of distortion with the raising of the volume in the low range cannot be limited to a particular decibel value.
    I add another factor, a closed cap cuts the surrounding noises and maintains a greater efficiency than a Mysphere or a Raal that has no protection to the outside, so in a situation of normal home listening, one is led to raise more the volume to compensate for the surrounding noise.
  5. ISOLordByron
    I just got these in tonight, and I have to admit, I'm kind of scratching my head. K1000 still handily outperforms them to my ears, much more enjoyable. But what a treat to have these both on my desk! Running them both off of my modified Mitsubishi DA-A10DC.

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  6. thomaskong78
    Both Abyss 1266 TC and Raal Sr1a are on Black Friday sale now. I am in a conundrum to choose one between those two excellent headphones.


    When I had listened to SR1a and 1266 Phi CC at Torq’s home, I liked both.

    Ultimately I will have both.

    But I wish to try one of them this time.

    I wish to keep one nice dynamic HP(hd800s), electrostatic(Stax009S), ribbon (Sr1a) and planar magnetic(Abyss 1266 TC) in the future.

    It will be like tasting wines with different flavors.

    Please note that I have a speaker with plasma tweeters(Lansche 4.1).

    But it will be impossible to make headphone with plasma tweeter since it will be too hot to your ears.

    Although I am more attracted to Sr1a than 1266 TC, I am afraid of possibility that Raal make SR2a (improved version) next year while 1266 TC has not much more room to improve.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
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  7. Zhanming057
    You need a stronger/better speaker amp. The K1000 is a lot more forgiving but the SR1a need a good amp or otherwise you're just hearing the flaws of the amp.

    Regarding the Mysphere, I can't hear bass distortions unless I crank the volume up to levels I would never listen at. I guess someone might desire higher volumes if they live in a home with children or pets or other noise sources. In that case, you still should absolutely not be listening at 105db+ for extended periods of time because that will kill you hearing later in life.
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  8. ISOLordByron
    I've run them off of the amp I mentioned above which is a class A and 210wpc @ 8 ohms with 0.007% THD. I'm also using; Victor ML-10, Technics SE-A3, Benchmark AHB2. On all of these it's very very bright, and has distortion in the low frequencies that's louder than the fundamental. It's up to personal opinion if these are "good amps" but they're what I've found to be the very best at any price, and with them, the Raal just isn't pleasant to listen to for me.
  9. Tugbars
    There is a forgotten plasma headphone from 80's. http://tmms.co.jp/EFD/Industrial_issues/Plasmasonic.htm You can read this page for more information. I'm having hard time to believe that perfectly flat frequency response chart of plasmasonic 1. It seems like it was an interesting project nevertheless.
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  10. thomaskong78
    Wow! It is a valuable information.

    To get the complete sets of headphone with all transducers, I shall get that plasmasonic headphone someday.
  11. thomaskong78
    I pulled the trigger for SR1a half an hour ago.

    It will be nice if Jotunheim R will be released soon so that I may use it with my SR1a.

    I had Apogee Duetta Sig (famous ribbon speaker) driven by Krell KSA 150 from 1989 to 1999.

    Thus I have a lot of expectation about SR1a.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
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  12. DelsFan
    Good, good, good. One more (good) data point for those of us still on the fence. And the model at Schiit seems to be such that they can react quicker (build a new design and ship out units to expectant customers) than most other companies. It would be nice if they could ship a few Jot-Rs before Christmas... for both the people wanting one and those of us waiting to hear opinions from more people.

    And really, if a person is turning up their completely-away-from-the-ear headphones in order to attenuate outside noise, they have either the wrong headphone or need to find a better listening room. I know with any of my "regular" "open" planer magnetics I still sit in a room with the door closed if anyone else is at home. But I listen at lower levels than before, as I'm getting old and am taking double extra care to try and preserve my hearing.

    I've seen some nice shelf units that have floor supports, with the first shelf being above the water tank of one's toilet. For the best sound I'd get one made from wood rather than plastic though, if I were to go that route...
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  13. llamaluv
    I assume they're brand new? Burn-in is very real with the SR1a, and especially important given its north-of-neutral tonality. See posts 846-847 and maybe post 1169.
  14. GU1DO
    I read like this feedback before though Benchmark AHB2 is what RAAL use for demo so i was expecting best results , i would love to know more from you with more listening time ,Thanks.
  15. Tugbars
    I had owned SR1A for 2 weeks too. I had money to buy SR1A but i didn't have enough money to buy AHB2 together. So i had used 250W amps of one my close friends have.(NAD and pass labs) I like to listen my music at very high volumes and i know how compression/clipping artefacts sound like and how they affect sound presentation. So i had experienced these while listening to SR1A and I have always been timid to share my opinions about SR1A because of that. They sounded sibilant(i mentioned before the possible reasons for this), bass was distorted too but first time I've heard uncolored bass presentation in headphones and tactility in trebles. They have the best 3khz-10khz band performance for me. One last thing: To my ears 12khz+ was almost completely silent, no detail... can it be due to bad amp matching?

    So make sure that you match them with a really really good 100W amp.(or wait for the direct drive amp). I sold my pair so maybe in future I'll try them again with direct drive amp and shape my final opinions.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
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