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Quickly accessing the last page on a thread

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by monsieurguzel, May 6, 2010.
  1. monsieurguzel
    My previous way of checking new threads was to click on the 'last page' link to a specific thread to go to the newest page.  However, now my only options on a thread are to either click on the title which brings me to the first page, or click on the last post, which brings me to the bottom of the last page.  This is kind of annoying since you then have to scroll up to read the context of the page that last thread is on.
  2. ctemkin
    X2.  I agree completely with monsieurguzel and would love to see a last page link.
  3. limpidglitch
    Just click on the Last Post link on the right and you'll get there.
  4. monsieurguzel
    Except that takes you straight to the bottom of whatever page that last post is....

  5. limpidglitch
    I just scroll up to the top, but I agree that it could have been done easier.
    What do irritate me a bit is that you can't jump directly to say page 3 in a 5 page thread.

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