QUICK SALE: Never Opened Symphones Magnum (full or lite)
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Aug 28, 2011
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(this thread picture isn't mine, I took it from the Magnum thread)
Okay here's the "quick deal": I purchased MS2i cups a while ago
they are in great condition, almost mint but they have a few minor scuffs and marks, those are invisible at arm distance and require direct sunlight + macro photography to be seen and captured in the following pictures. They are not damaged or anything, those are only aesthetical nitpicks. Brushed finish
I have also purchased a Grado SR225i full headband assembly (rodblocks, steel stem, headband vinyl) that I've been planning to send to Rhydon at Symphones to have a full Magnum made (out of the MS2i cups).
I can't do that anymore, I'm really dry on money... so I aborted the plan, even though it kind of hurts me because I've been wanting a Magnum since September. I'm still in e-mail communication with Rhydon and I already asked him for a full Magnum development...
So what we will do, I can either sell you only the parts for 100 dollars (80$ cups and 20$ headband, that's what I paid myself for the parts), but I can also send them to Rhydon (I live one province away from Rhydon in Canada, shipping will cost next to nothing, I'm not charging it to you) to have the Magnum upgrade of your choice done on them. Full is 400 dollars (+30 for insured shipping back to you in Canada, and about 50 in USA), lite is about 300, same shipping rules apply. I can deal with Rhydon myself (I have already "reserved" my pair) under your name OR you can just buy the MS2i cups and headband from me and make your order with Rayment Rhydon at info@symphones.ca, while I send him the parts and write to him that they are to be used for [your name]'s Magnum.
You also get to choose the color of your aluminum metal for the "M" emblems, chambers, gimbals, etc. either black or white.
One last important thing, I don't have any cable... so we can ask Rhydon for one, I don't know, or you can purchase one and have it sent to Symphones so that they solder it to your Magnum, or you can also do that all by yourself if you already know how to solder and you have what it takes, plus a cable. I'm leaving this up to you.
Thank you, you can private message me or write me an e-mail, devouringone3@hotmail.com, I should reply to you instantly
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