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Quick Poll: beyerdynamic Telsa T-1 or Sennheiser HD800 for Woo WA22?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by icenine2, Nov 13, 2010.
  1. Icenine2
    Let's hear it.  I'm leaning toward the T-1's.
  2. arnesto
    I have never listened to the T-1, but I read that the HD800's have a better treble and high frequency range. So I would go for the HD800. and the HD800 are known for having the best detail for a dynamic headphone.
    I wish there was some comparisons between the W22 and the CS300 though.
  3. musicman59
    In stock form I go with the HD800 but with a OCC copper aftermarket cable in both it is a coin toss.
  4. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Tough call...what kind of music do you listen to?

    Both pair very well with tubes IMO.
  5. Asr
    Does it really matter? Most of the places that sell the HD800 and/or T1 have good return policies. My suggestion is to just get one and form your own opinion. Or you could maybe seek out a local Head-Fier who owns one of the headphones. Did you attend the Chicago-area meet that was held today (Saturday)?
  6. Uncle Erik Contributor
    I'd go for the HD-800.  The T1 has slightly too much bass and the HD-800 is more comfortable.
    On the other hand, I'd recommend trying before buying.  You won't know until you hear one.
  7. mikemalter
    I've got a WA22 and use a balanced HD800.  That said, I think at the level of the T1 or the HD800, both headphones are going to be really good.  The issue will become what tubes do you use to focus in on the sound that you like.
    If at all possible, try to attend a headphone event in your area or close to your area so you can hear what is out there.
  8. Icenine2
    Who is Robert Youman here?  He reviewed the WA22 at the 6Moons site.
    WA22 guys.  What power tubes are everyone here using?  I've not taken delivery on my 22 yet but have the Shu Treasures for Drivers and EML for Rectifier.
    I decided to go with the T-1.
    Now I need a new balanced DAC.  I just sold my Proceed balanced.  I'm going out of the computer.  I really would like the Ayre QB-9 but I will have to wait on that.  The PS Digital Link looks like a good choice possibly but I'm concerned about jitter from computer.
  9. mikemalter


    As for power tubes for the WA22, I have heard the best is GEC.  I have a pair of GEC 6080's I just bought which are in the process of being shipped, and am on the waiting list for a GEC 6AS7G which is supposed to be the best.  I first tried Jacks upgrade, the Sylvania 7236, but they sounded too harsh to me.  So I put the stock RCA 6080's back in which were a little better.  Currently I am breaking in a pair of Tung-sol 6AS7G's and they are definately a step up from the RCA's.  I only have 8 hours on them, but this early on, I'm really liking them.  I'm really looking forward to getting the GEC's in. 
    Pretty much everyone says the EML for the rectifier is the way to go.  I originally got the Sophia and it was a little too harsh for me.
    This is kind of a funny way to look at tubes, but if I compared tube sections to a TV, the power tubes would be color saturation, drivers color balance and rectifier the physical screen.
    I'm using a PS Audio DLIII with the Cullen L4 mods as my DAC, and have done some listening through my computer and there seemed to be no problem.  I have a Monarchy DIP which I tried in between my computer (USB) and DLIII and it smoothed everything out.  My laptop also has a digital output and I drove it that way too, and that did sound a lot better (even without the DIP).  I'm looking forward to doing some testing of 24/96 hirez music out of my laptop but I need a media server that will has the right drivers to play at those higher resolutions.  I'm basically living in the walled garden of an iPod for my source and would like to get out.
    A really good option would be the PS Audio PWD with the bridge, and if you have not purchased a DAC yet, you might seriously take a look at it.  You can get really good deals on Audiogon, and with the bridge it would open it up technically (out of the USB world and jitter problems) and sonically (total access to your media).  That DAC and bridge is on my longer term list.
  10. Icenine2
    PS Audio PWD+bridge does sound interesting.  It is really expensive for what it is.  That is close to $4K for the package.  I know someone who's had his since it first came out and loves it.  The Ayre has had killer reviews but it too is expensive and has less flexibility on inputs plus it isn't a preamp.  I still have a hard time believing that a USB DAC even w/proper power supply should be more than $1K.  Anyway, I'll probably get the Wyred4Sound DAC2.  It has a preamp function as well.  They can keep their prices down by comparison because product is sold direct.  Plus they don't have to stock units for shipping, etc.  Woo essentially is the same business model.  If the amps were sold at dealer how much would they be?  Probably big money.  What a beautiful product Jack makes.
  11. mikemalter

    The Wyred4Sound guys have an interesting pedegree.  I think the dad, Rick Cullen, does a lot of stuff for PS Audio.  For a while I think they even made some of their components, now, among other things, does authorized modifications to PS Audio equipment.  He modified my DAC to level 4.  The son, I think, is the one behind Wyred4Sound.  The people over at 6Moons like their gear and have done very positive reviews on their stuff.  I've also heard a lot of good things about them. If I did not have my current DAC, I'd take a serious look at what they are doing.  Post back if you get their DAC, would like to hear what you have to say about it.

  12. Olias of Sunhillow
    I recently replaced my DAC19DF with a Cullen IV-modded DLIII. Very happy with it so far -- I like the sound a bit better than the A-GD, and it lets me go balanced if I suddenly get the itch. I'd very seriously considered the W4S DAC2, but at 1/2 the price (used) the DLIII was too good to pass up.
    Congrats on picking the T1. I am quite happy at the moment with WA6SE > T1, but the WA22 is beckoning in the distance...
  13. Icenine2
    I will be getting the W4S DAC2.  I think maybe I'm about a month off since I just bought the WA22 and the T-1  (I just ordered last week).  I need to buy a Squeezebox Touch too so I can locate the Phone Rig in a different part of the house.  I almost bought a plain PS Digital Link.  I found one yesterday new in the box for $575 which is a great deal.  I do want asynch for the USB computer connection since I sold my CD transport.
    When I get this all up and running I'll post up.  A lot of break in for sure.  I'll listen happily the whole way.  The DAC is supposed to have 100-200 hours for break in according to what I've read.
  14. mikemalter


    You're going to love the WA22.   And the W4S DAC2 has balanced outputs which will be good.  What tubes did you order for your WA22?
  15. Icenine2
    I'm waiting for Shu Treasures premiums from China.  I also am on the list for the EML 5 as soon as he gets them in later in the month.  The power tubes I haven't done anything with at this point.  Suggestions always welcomed.
    I just read a review of the updated HRT Music Streamers in Stereophile.  I thought maybe of buying the $150 version until I could order the W4S 2.  Then I checked the web site and they make a balanced async 24/96 version for $500.  It looks to be good.  More decisions!

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