Quick impressions of Panasonic RP-HC75-S(with small comparo vs dt880'05)
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Nov 21, 2005
Well today, I decided that I might give away my dt880s to my cousin. So after putting its ear pads in the washer, I pulled out my RP-HC75-S ear buds that I thought I'd never use. Thank God for his unseen planning. I proceeded to hook them up to my Pioneer VSX-305 stereo receiver(which is hooked up to my x-fi), and first tested them on a downtempo song in this video game .avi that I came across. First thing I thought of: "Wow, this is airy!" Best way to describe the airiness I heard was the instruments' presence spanned from point a to point b, for example, yet the RP's allowed me to hear straight through the distance between points a and b.

So I went on to launch up another video game, BF2, to test out the soundstage with plenty action of in it, and of course, to enjoy all of that war-time bass. That's when I had to turn to some tweaking. The soundstage was good, the 3d imaging was good too, but the bass needed a boost. After toying around with my x-fi's bass output in game mode and increasing the bass level on my receiver, everything was fine.

Last thing I did was tune in to bassdrive.com's radio station for some stomach punching drum and bass. There too, the soundstage was good(and that's coming from the dt880s), and the instrument separation was more than decent. In fact, I found the soundstage to be taller than on the dt880s, but that may be due to the perception of very small ear buds producing a good sized soundstage, compared to very big ear cups producing the same thing. I don't know
The bass on the RP's had less density than the dt880's, but it was still fun enough for me. I guess the only thing that wasn't present on the RP's was the extended highs found on the dt880s.

All in all, for $48~, the RP-HC75-S gives much in terms of good audio production. In addition to all the qualities said above, I welcome the comfort of having just "two small things" inside my ears, opposed to two big ear cups(albeit very comfortable ones) and a headband straddling my head. The only thing I will miss a 3 meter cord that allows me to listen to music in my bed. Damn. But for nearly 1/5th the price of the dt880's, I think I will settle.

Thanks for reading this thread! Later

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