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Questyle QP2R

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by unknownguardian, May 17, 2017.
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  1. earnmyturns
    My QP2R came with a sticky black plastic ring to make the control wheel easier to operate. Unfortunately, it somehow fell off and I lost it on long flight a few months ago. I've been looking online for a replacement, no luck. Any suggestions of where to find this? Thanks!
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  2. Panohm
    You could try substituting with these adhesive dots: https://www.amazon.com/Scotch-Resti...adhesive+dot&qid=1556392996&s=gateway&sr=8-12
    Or a similar "adhesive dot"
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  3. gazzington
    Anybody know how these compare too ak sp1000/m and ak380?
  4. Passenger11
    I received this absolutely wonderful player from someone who acquired it through purchase of the Utopia bundle package.
    I've had it a little over a month now, and all my earphones have been born-again, especially the Campfires.

    I do have a problem though, I'm having intermittent connection issues, dropouts through the balanced jack.
    The first thing I did was contact Questyle North America. The person I spoke with was far from helpful. They told me since the player was bundled with the Utopia package, I would have to contact Focal for repairs..? This doesn't make sense..! I explained I just wanted the player repaired, at my expense, even though the unit was brand new, unopened at purchase, but the agent was adamant the issue had to be rectified through Focal.
    I then reached out to the seller who sold me the device to find out where he made his purchase. I was a bit worried he wouldn't respond, because enough time had passed for a return, and my problem was really outside his window of concern. He did get in touch with me, thank goodness..!

    I suppose my questions are;
    Should I contact World Wide Stereo where the gear was purchased from? Has anyone dealt with this company before, and is a transferable warranty allowed? There's nothing on their website that says otherwise, and they even have a 60 day return policy for defective items.
    If they're not able or willing to help, is there anyone that's authorized I can send it to for repairs?

    I will be calling WWS in a couple of days, but I am hoping for some feedback from you folks before I do?
    What a great DAP, especially in balanced mode!

    Thanks for all your time, cheers!
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  5. subguy812
    I would call N.A. Questyle again and not even mention Focal. Tell them you need repair service and ask what you need to do. I do not see an issue, especially if you would pay for repairs.
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  6. mwhals
    Bruce Ball told me on the phone that if I buy off of Amazon, be mindful of players that were bundled with the Utopia, because I would have to go through Focal for repairs. I guess it is similar to JH Audio IEMs that were sold through Astell & Kern.
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  7. Passenger11
    Thanks Man, but I'm not sure I would be comfortable doing this, don't want to be deceitful.
    I don't see an issue either, it's their device, it was built by them, it has a warranty card with their contact information. My particular player doesn't even have a Focal stamp. I guess if all else fails, I could call them back and beg to have it repaired.

    Just want you to know I was leaning towards a DX200, but your review was very helpful in pushing me towards this player. It wasn't really on my radar. I'm glad I made the purchase.

    Last edited: May 17, 2019
  8. subguy812
    I understand, I wouldn't want to screw them over but I am not sure how you would be doing that. I appreciate your honesty. You have only asked for repair, and offered to pay for it. The original purchaser purchased a bundle from WWS, not you, so I am fresh out of suggestions except for simply calling and asking where can I get my wonderful QP2R repaired and tell them you bought NIB from a private seller.
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  9. Quadfather
    Contact Drew Baird at Moon Audio. I think he sells them...
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  10. cytoSiN
    I have this same issue. The port is "loose" such that there's a little play front to back, and when I press lightly towards the back of the cable terminal, the sound cuts out in one ear. Tested the cable on other devices... It's thr dap. Anyone figure out how to fix this? I'd love to repair it myself if possible. Thanks!
  11. Adnan Firoze

    Hi @cytoSiN - it just happened to me on a flight. All of a sudden - "battery exhausted" and stut down. Tried a lot of things and then realized the fix in their manual. Do not "quick charge" it. Use the provided cable and plug. I didn't have the provided cable with me as I only had my phone's USB-C but I was trying to charge off of the plane's USB outlet and it wouldn't work. I got real scared. Then I plugged it into a 2 pin utlet and wallah! It started to charge. It's up to 60% now in an hour.

    I also read in the review that they say that if you use "quick charge" they may void the warranty. That's a rude thing to say really for something worth so high (well, to me $899 + taxes = around 1K is A LOT) and they should have improved upon this. Regardless great DAP.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
  12. cytoSiN
    Glad you got it fixed. That didn't work with mine, needed a new unit. I assume in yours the balanced port is not loose at all? That's an issue I have with the second unit that I still haven't fixed.
  13. mwhals
    I am late to the party, but I finally bought a QP2R. The price is reduced by $400 at Moon Audio.if anyone has been waiting to get one.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
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  14. mwhals
    400.GB card formatted and loaded with entire Flac library. QP2R is scheduled for delivery tomorrow.
  15. 40lb
    I hope you enjoy it, I still use mine as my primary. Check the firmware when you get it, the latest is FW1.04.
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