Questyle qp2r: mint PRICE DROP $699

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  1. MattTCG
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    I just got the qp2r today.This is a fantastic DAP but I like the Sony for the Andromeda which is my primary pairing. The qp2r is LNIB and gold/copper in color. Alternatively I would sell the DAP for $749 shipped conus only. Buyer pays fees or gifted. Would be look for mint condition Sony if trading.

    Edit: just looking for a straight sale now. Dropping price to $699 shipped (firm) and buyer covers fees or gifted.
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  2. MattTCG
  3. MattTCG
    Taken out of the box for pics as requested.
    20181009_190258.jpg 20181009_190322.jpg
  4. MattTCG
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  5. MattTCG
    Final price drop, then keeping.
  6. MattTCG

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