Questyle QP2R Loaner Program!

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Todd, Apr 3, 2018.
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  1. ExpiredLabel

    lmao. So real you can hear the spit lol
  2. Mshenay Contributor

    whoa... see now I'm curious
  3. AudioBear
    Yes, it's that good...
  4. Phil Townsend
    Trying the Hugo 2 using an optical digital connection. The QP2r is happy as a transport. Kinda miss a remote but as Christine pointed out, the player isn't much bigger than a remote. The high bias setting is defeated when the players sees the optical plug. Buena Vista Social Club is a high zoot download from HD Tracks. As the Hugo heats up everything is sliding into focus...sound stage expands and voices become stable and pin pointed. Listening on a cheapish pair of Noble Velvets... I'll switch to the Fostex's later.
  5. Phil Townsend
    Questyle Qp2r
    Hugo 2
    Silver interconnects
    Pass Labs Headphone Amp (stock)
    Fostex Th900


    E. Power Biggs
    Virgil Fox

    All working together to actually make my neck shake.
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  6. Mshenay Contributor
    Happy to hear your enjoying the Hugo 2! When I had it just using USB I wasn't impressed... though I also didn't have a Coaxial/Spdif input output device with it at the time either way for an all in one purely analog solution I think the QP2R is stellar, I don't think I'd ever recommend some one spend $1200 on just a transport. Based on what I've heard thus far purely as a standalone all in one it's super competitive and well worth the value! It trade's blows with both of my portable towers!!
  7. Mshenay Contributor
  8. alpha421
    Got the review unit. The circular navigation pad sure is finicky (sometimes registers, sometimes it doesn't).
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  9. alpha421
    First, a big salute to Todd of TTVJ for organizing audition opportunities such as this one. I've been reading about the many DAPs that has come down the pipe for the last few years and even cycled through a few but ended up returning back to my smartphone for the convenience factor. It's a roller coaster ride to say the least. I've been down the many roads of carrying "stacks" and DAP "bricks" and despite the levels of wonderful fidelity in an all-in-one unit, my thought remains, "an all-in-one unit will always have compromises and typically won't best the stack combos." Similarly, when it comes to smartphones, which have come a long way since the Nokia N91 and SGS1 /w Voodoo to the more current HTC 10, LG V10/20/30, and G6+, for me they don't sound as good when not using a USB DAC/Amp or portable amplifier and for the most part pales with DAPs. From time and time again, smartphones are "good enough."

    The curse in this hobby is that eventually and at times, "good enough" just doesn't cut it. Especially if your ears has had a taste of the mid to summit-fi setups, or ownership of them has came and gone for one reason or another. Eventually, your ears will beg to hear that level of fidelity.

    We live in a good time where there's less compromises and depending on the demand of the transducers, desktop or near it performance can be had in the palm of your hand. Gone for the most part are DAPs with proprietary chargers, proprietary amp cards, connectors, batteries, and its lethal weight and brick size. Still, among the DAPs that came and gone, the iconic iPod's size and design lives on.

    Indeed, there's no denying the iconic iPod scroll pad in similar but different implementation on the QP2R. I just wished that the surface and speed was every bit like the iPods'; in other words super quick and smooth, and both consistently so. Sometimes, my thumb was too dry or apparently too slippery to create a pleasant navigation. A lot of times during my audition, I found using the touch navigation arrows. Despite this, the QP2R looks damn sexy and like the iPod of yesteryear, it's very portable and fits very, very well in the hand. Like the QP1R before it, the QP2R has very sold feel to it and a few front to back rotations yields a confidence in build and material quality. The implementation of USB-C is icing on the cake and simplifies charging/syncing duties with the same cable and charger as current smartphones. The USB-C should be standard and my eyes roll whenever a new DAP comes out with the legacy USB micro/mini.

    I've come to terms that there will always be compromises in any hobby. The QP2R wheel and UI are, IMO, its Achilles heels. The wheel less so from the QP1R as the QP2R has the well positioned FF/RW/PLAY/PAUS buttons. However, if there's one area that shouldn't be compromised its the sound. It seems that the current trend is going streaming/wireless. My history of DAPs have always been a purist approach where purchased or ripped albums are the music source, and for the time being I stand true to it.

    During my week long audition, I used the 2.5mm balanced output most of the time because when compared to the SE output, it sounded slightly clearer and wider. I can only surmise that the QP2R innards were optimized for the 2.5mm. If this is the case, I think the 2.5mm/3.5mm ports should be swapped to allow right angle 2.5mm connectors due to their frail nature compared to SE and allows rotation room when a right angle is used and not hit the volume knob protective barrier.

    There seems to be a consensus that Questyle DAPs in general sounds very natural, full of detail with incredible stage depth and width. I agree. One area in particular that really made my jaw drop was during DSD playback. The texture from these files were outstanding and flowed very smoothly. No hint of digititus. Once the track and/or albums was playing, the QP2R, or any well engineered DAP should do, is to take its part in the audio chain to produce and emotional connection with the music. The QP2R performed this most effortlessly.

    I think the current mode amplifier has a lot to do with the dynamic sound. I use to own the Apogee Groove, which I believe uses a similar amplification tech, and my audible memory recalls it being the most dynamic sounding USB powered DAC/Amp. If so, I think Questyle took to the next level. My Grados and Mg5pro HX ciem sounded like they were being powered to their specification and potential.

    On the last day of audition, I pondered between the QP1R and QP2R. If I still had 2.5mm cables and connections, I think the QP2R is be the better choice as the 2.5mm balanced out is a few miles ahead of the SE output. However, I rode and exited off the 2.5mm balanced roaster coaster a while ago and stayed with SE, so for the time being the QP1R stays, and my Samsung S9 is used only for what it was engineered to do - calls/texting/checking email.

    Once again I want to thank Todd and this wonderful community for making this tour possible.
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  10. skwoodwiva
    What a thoughtful review.
    Thank you.

    You seem like me,
    I was fooling with a Thorens turntable at 17 years olld, the STP fluid diy dampener & etc. Hafler amp kit...I had maybe a hundred DD albums.
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  11. Phil Townsend
    QP2r plus Campfire Atlas
    Oh my!
  12. ngoshawk
    Any update on who has the QPR2?...thanks
  13. Dr. Hugo
    I had it last week. I sent it out to the next loaner last weekend and it should have arrived.
  14. Dr. Hugo
    Here is my impression of QP2R (mostly sound-wise):

    In general, I am truly surprised by how good the QP2R sounds. The fun and lush sound signature might not to the liking of the harsh and stringent critic but definitely a joy to listen to among people who just want to enjoy the music. I often find myself dancing and moving with the music while listening with QP2R.

    I also owned the top-of-the-line Sony Walkman NW-WM1Z and did a cross-comparison of the two. I use Shure KSE1500 through line-in, which is the most revealing and natural headset I currently have, to test all following songs.

    In general, the vocals in NW1Z are more laid-back while QP2R has a more forefront on-your-face vocal. NW1Z, which is already a player someone may call warm, is brighter and sharper in direct comparison with QP2R.

    Do it again—Steely Dan (16 bit/32khz)
    Bass a bit more lower bass rumble in the QP2R than WM1Z and the rest in terms of frequency is roughly similar. The treble in NW1Z in comparison is sharper and one might even say bright. The QP2R has a more well-rounded coherent sound with just enough punch and attack. In comparison, WM1Z falls short in demonstrating the interplay between instruments and vocals. QP2R is more fun to listen to. For this particular combination and song, I prefer the performance of QP2R over WM1Z.

    Blue Orchid—The White Stripes(16 bit/32khz)
    QP2R has a significantly less weighty and punchy bass in this song than WM1Z. For a song that impresses me the most with its solid bass rumble, the WM1Z has more detail in the bass and more weight in the low end in general. The challenging female vocal that is unique in this song is perfect in WM1Z while being a bit too loose and harsh in QP2R. WM1Z is quite clearly the better source for this song.

    Wish You Were Here—Pink Floyd (DSD)

    Both of them perform extremely close to perfection on one of the favorite songs of all time. QP2R excels at David Gilmour’s vocal while WM1Z has a better guitar sound. I would give a very slight edge to WM1Z as it sounds just a tiny bit fuller and engaging.

    Jimmie—Diana Krall—Stepping Out (24bit/96khz from HD Tracks)

    WM1Z: Cello sounds very natural. The sound of piano is clear and crisp.
    QP2R: Cello is more dominant in WM1Z while the two is a lot more balanced in QP2R. Cello sounds a lot softer and no where close to as heavy and substantial as in WM1Z.

    It comes down to stylistic difference and preference here.

    Too Rich For My Blood — Patricia Barber (DSD)

    Again, WM1Z has a stronger emphasis on lower bass and more texture in the bass rumble and drums. Vocals in WM1Z is more laid-back while in QP2R is more on the front. Too Rich For My Blood is one of my favorite test songs and also one that I think is definitely among the most challenging songs for audiophile equipments as well. Both perform at a very high level. I wouldn’t say one is necessary better than the other but listening this song with QP2R is a more fun and enjoying experience for me than with WM1Z.
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  15. skwoodwiva
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