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Questyle QP1R sold

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  1. Bart147
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Europe
    Best offer:
    For sale : QP1R in immaculate condition . I bought this unit 3 weeks ago as a showroom model ,both for nostalgic reasons and to compare against my Sony WM1Z . It comes complete with box and accessories , the invoice will be forwarded via e-mail .
    I'm first owner and the unit comes with the latest firmware , modified battery circuit and improved scroll wheel .
    Shipment to Europe only , PM me for a quote but generally is 17 euro , PayPal fees are included .
    NO trade offers please , i've already found my endgame gear (which is why i'm selling my H8.2 and 2 ares II cables) .
    Slight discount possible if you buy one of my other offerings .
    Thanks for looking , Bart
    qp1r 1.jpg qp1r 2.jpg qp1r box.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2018
  2. Rinzler69
    still available ?
  3. Bart147
  4. Bart147
  5. gazzington
    Still available?
  6. Bart147
    Yes, as long as you're located in Europe.
  7. gazzington
    I'm in the UK. Would that work for you?
  8. Bart147
    No problem , i've sold several items to people in the UK . Tracked shipment costs 17 euro
  9. Bart147
  10. Bart147
    bump with lower price
  11. Bart147
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