Questyle CMA800R or Pathos Aurium
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May 26, 2017
Hi Team,

Need some help picking a new headphone amp (upgrading from Audeze Deckard) as I'm buying blind no matter what I get. I've narrowed it down between the Questyle CMA800R and Pathos Aurium as they'll be about the same price delivered to my door. Very different amps I know, but I'm not sure which I'd prefer at this stage and the more reviews I read the more indecisive I become.

My chain is Tidal > Qutest > Amp > Audeze LCD-X

I want to enjoy my music, being able to sit down in the evening and just relax into the listening experience. I enjoy transparency, detail, grip, and an spacious soundstage with a slightly warm signature. Lifeless and analytical listening just doesn't do it for me!

All thoughts & recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Feb 21, 2015
Have heard he Questyle but not the Pathos so can’t say between the two. The Questyle is a bit on the warm side and is a very good amp. A couple of others in the price range you are looking at is the Linear Tube Audio Microzotl 2 and Amps and Sound Kenzie both are tube amps the Microzotl is a OTL and the Kenzie is a transformer coupled amp. The Microzotl being a different type of OTL will play well with lower impedance Planars without a problem at all. The Kenzie is transformer coupled amp which means it has separate connections for low and high impedance cans so it can play well with just about anything. I was looking at both for my Ether-C’s and picked the Kenzie as it was more of the tube sound I was looking for but the Microzotl is still a fine amp. The Kenzie is a tube amp and there will be a slight bit of hum and hiss but so does some of the music I listen to so if you want soundstage and dynamics it brings it with a bit of warmth. If you want to go less expensive a Cavalli Liquid Carbon is also a slightly warm amp that will drive planars without a problem as it is what I use for my Abyss and it is just fine.

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