Questyle CMA600i first impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jodet, Apr 22, 2016.
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  1. vincent1
    Satcher - Hi

    Your serial number is in the potential trouble zone but before knowing that is your issue we need to understand more about your system. Specifically :
    1. What are you playing music from when you listen to your HD800? (ie mac, pc, music server, dap)
    2. Are you using any DSD files? ( change to dsd can sometimes trigger a noise)
    3. Do you have the same issue initiating a track if you are using Tidal, Spotify or some external streaming source ?
    4. What power filtering or other measures are you using ?
    I had the popping issues but they were worse than you describe so a bit more sleuthing is required with your set up to isolate any likely issues.

    Re your ifi ematch - this product normally reduces the amplifier output heaps - up to 24 dB I have read, by using resistors etc. If the end result is your volume dial is at 3 pm that is weird as most of us are listening below 12 noon even with difficult to drive headphones - I suspect using it this way is not ideal and 3 pm is not a sensible outcome - what happens if you use the ie800 without the ematch (just using a simple plug adapter)?

  2. King CATalyst
    I have the exact same issue and I really don't wanna have to send it in for repair so I've kinda decided to live with the annoyance lol
  3. xevman
    I just recently purchased my CMA600i and noticed it still has the popping switching between DSD and PCM. Would I have to contact my local distributor to have this fixed? I'm in Australia. Also as for my impressions I'm coming from a Burson Conductor V2+ (which had arguably worse quirks i wasnt willing to live with hence why I bought the 600i). Sonic impressions this amp seems so much faster and more impactful for lack of a better word. Everything seems to immediate and crystal clear, the Burson sounded a bit muddy and slow in comparison. I've never seen such a difference between solid state gear. The Bursons more relaxed presentation will appeal to a lot of people but I feel I'm hearing the amp and not the music with the Burson. Same can't be said about the 600i.
  4. vincent1
  5. xevman
    I've noticed that i get clicks and pops during playback using USB. Switched to optical no such issue. I contacted my local distributor. They recognise the issue and have a chip that they need to replace. I'll follow up with them tomorrow see what lead times are and see when I can send the unit out. I'm pretty disappointed that in 2018 there are units floating around that still have this issue.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
  6. xenithon
    @xevman sorry to hear about your issues. Does your unit fit into that band before xxx500 which are meant to be the impacted ones?
  7. xevman
    Yeah it does unfortunately.
  8. BunnyNamedCraig
    Sorry that you got a unit that still had the issue. I'm glad that your dealer is able to take care of it for you. Also glad that you like the sound more then your previous amp. I also agree that you are hearing the headphone and the music more then the amp/dac. It is a very neutral sound so it lets the headphone do the talking.
  9. xevman
    Update on the situation dropping the unit off at the local distributor Monday morning to have the firmware chip replaced. Hopefully this fixes the problem. For now i'm thoroughly enjoying the unit via the optical input and to my ears I couldn't tell the difference between the USB and Optical switching between them. Guess its a very good implementation as on a lot of gear i've personally used optical and coax seems to be an afterthought.
  10. xevman
    Dropped the unit off yesterday and got it back today with the update applied. USB seems to be behaving itself, been using it for the last hour or so and haven't heard a click or pop during playback (knock on wood) Australia's Questyle distributor (Audio Dynamics) Handled the situation very well.
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  11. hondavy
    I have received my unit not too long ago and it has the same issue.

    I am curious how your new unit is functioning.
  12. xevman
    Unit is functioning well, no clicks anymore during playback via usb. Still a bit of noise switching from DSD to PCM and vice versa but I don't really care as DSD is largely irrelevant to me. (as it should be to you also)
  13. vincent1
    hohondavy Hi
    is your unit new ?
    what is the serial number ?
    What country are you in ?

  14. up late
    apologies for taking this thread off-topic but i intend to compare the burson conductor v2+ and the moon neo 230had having already ruled the cma600i out. do you mind sharing the "quirks" that you experienced with the burson via pm?
  15. xevman
    Honestly in my experience you'll find some compromise in most DAC/amp combo units unless you spend really big bucks. The only dac/amp combo I've been happy with is the benchmark dac1 I picked up second hand for a steal. I plan on using that as my DAC and pairing it with a nice balanced amp (either tube or solid state something like a gsx mk ii or a wa22) later down the line and eventually selling the cma600i. Great unit but as I said I ended up with an early revision and despite how well it performs it's been nothing but a headache.
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