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Questyle CMA600i first impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jodet, Apr 22, 2016.
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  1. finleyville

    I, too, am interested in this. I need a amp for my HD650's and would not mind replacing my current two channel DAC if I like this one better.
  2. seamon
    You can use CMA600i as DAC only
  3. cubed4life
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  4. esauseesaw
    If you don't need the analogue input of the CMA600i, the CMA400i has a front panel switch for AMP or DAC operation. Also you can switch to fix output on the rear, in case you have volume control elsewhere.
  5. up late
    hi craig, how does it play with the utopia and do you know what the output impedance is as questyle doesn't specify it. thanks.
  6. esauseesaw
    Here are the specs from Questyle...

    220mW@300Ω; 950mW @32Ω(normal headphone jack)
    630mW @300Ω; 1900mW @32Ω (balanced headphone jack)

    At 80ohm and good sensitivity there shouldn't be any issue driving Utopia with the CMA600i, especially with a balanced connection.
  7. vincent1
    clicking fixed

    Well - it only took 10 months ! My clicking on USB unit was repaired here in Australia - the first repair in this country but the repair did not work. The unit has now been replaced under warranty with a higher serial number - I requested a serial number after 500, based on helpful advice from the UK distributor.

    No more clicks on track changes - so much better to listen to!
  8. vincent1
    Upgraded sound input. Co-ax v USB v ISO-Regen

    I had been experimenting with best output from my Aries Mini streamer to the 600i - coax versus USB. I could not find much experience of others.

    I started with an Oyaide USB cable and then upgraded to an Elijah USB cable with the 5v disconnected and I found this better than my ten year old Chord silver co-ax.

    I then upgraded to a much better new co-ax cable and that levelled the playing field - slight preference for USB but not a lot of difference. Useful for DSD though which I started to buy.

    My last step has been to add an ISO-Regen powered by an LPS1 power supply - you can read a review on audio bacon.

    Although I had to revert to the first USB cable, the ISO-Regen does give the sound quality a good lift.

    My mains power for the 600i is on a hefty audio specific power board/block to also try to assist sound quality.

    Interested to hear what others are finding.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
  9. crayonz
    After change the chip and Remove the resistor, I also experience a pop when change from DSD album into Flac Album.

    I'm using Macbook Btw.
  10. sdwong
    Does the 600 work with Aurender music server? Will the pop issue also applies? Thanks.
  11. vincent1
    Absolutely - I use one with my Aurilac Aries Mini server - this works very well - and the 600i will work with most servers. The annoying clicking problem with usb input only affected early models of the 600i - so if you are buying one make sure it has a serial number of 500 or later. The problem was definitely solved by this serial number.

  12. sdwong
    Thank you for your help.
    Am I correct to say the 600 is the best Questyle model with a 4pin XLR?
  13. seamon
    That is correct
  14. karmazynowy
    From which serial number USB clicks and pops has been removed? Anyone knows?
  15. GU1DO
    check few pages back ,, i think above 500 but i am not sure
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