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Questions Regarding Bowl Pads on Grado SR-60i's

  1. RoboZombie
    Hi everyone, I just ended up getting a new pair of Grado SR-60i's (love what I've heard with them so far,) but I actually have a question regarding the pads. What exactly do the bowl pads (L-Cushion) change from the standard pads (S-Cushions?) I'm mostly using these for Gaming and Music, and while I think the S-Cushions are fine on both fronts, I am thinking of purchasing the L-Cushions and I would like to know what they do on both fronts.

    Edit: Got the two pads confused. Sorry about that
  2. colgatetotal
    The problem is that the sub-bass (<60Hz) , which Grado headphones aren't known for, are reduced to almost nonexistent levels, and you may consider the increased highs to be too shrill. The SR225i (first default with bowls) has a bit more sub-bass coming out of the driver to compensate, and is more mellow on the highs.
    You'll get a bit more sub-bass and midbass if you open up your SR60i and punch a few holes in the felt with a ballpoint pen. This is known as venting the driver. To tame the highs, you may want to tape the perimeter of your bowls with electrical tape, though doing so comes at the cost of some midrange and soundstage.

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