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Questions regarding audio on linux

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by theaudiologist, Jun 23, 2018.
  1. theaudiologist

    i have just installed linux (Nitrux OS, based on Ubuntu with KDE Plasma) on my mac 2 weeks ago. the first few weeks i was getting the basics fixed. now i want to set up the audio side of linux. i have some questions:

    1)what's the best linux music player sound-quality wise (please DO NOT recommend Audiophile Linux, i don't want a different distro) ? do any of them play DSD? is the music player better than foobar2000? should i rather run foobar2000 with wine than download the linux players? does foobar2000 using wine sound worse than foobar2000 running natively on windows?

    2)is there anything like Audirvana+ for Linux?

    3)My Mac's DAC goes up to 24/96. how am i sure it runs on linux the same quality? what is the command that let's you find out at what bit depth and what sample the song is being outputed at?

    4) does linux support the mojo or the ifi dac's?

    5) my mac's headphone jack is emitting the TOSLINK red light without me having anything in it. how do i disable this? will it break functionality?
    thank you very much

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