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Questions about RE-400 vs Shure SE215

  1. azathot
    I'm traveling in next week and decided to order a set of the RE-400s.  My current IEMa are a set of Sennheiser CX-880s (that replaced my old, beloved, and lost Shure EC3s). These things are ridiculously finicky, very microphonic and I hate the integrated volume. It's very noisy and sensitive. I'm not very pleased with the headphones and felt like a massive downgrade from my older Shure EC3s.
    I was on the fence between the Shure 215s and the RE-400s, but pulled the trigger based on HiFiMANs reputation.
    So my question is, does anyone have any insight to how the RE-400s match up against the Shure 215 or the Sennheiser CX-880?
    - derek
  2. IamYuri
    i had the cx880 too and own now the shure 215. 
    I like the 215 much more but i am still no big fan of it. Regarding what i could read about the 400 i would just give them a try. 
  3. azathot
    doh. Just got an email from order support, there is a ten day delay on shipping. I guess I won't be traveling with these headphones.
  4. Gozzer
    Just ordered mine earlier this week, was hoping to see them next week. Looks like I'll be waiting a while. 

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