question to those with dual monitors
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Nov 4, 2007
so, i was downstairs a few minutes ago. i come back and my computer had been rebooted. not sure why...but whatever, it boots up, and for whatever reason my primary monitor was changed. its now on the other monitor. i can change it back...but the problem being is for whatever reason, my mouse wont go over to the other screen like it normally did. does anyone know how to set this back?

i am running windows xp

any help is appreciated. thanks
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Originally Posted by AC1 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
In the properties, on the second monitor make sure extend desktop to this monitor is checked off.

i see that both or checked, the problem being one of the monitors doesnt allow me to uncheck that box, its grayed out....any other ideas?

edit: got it...seems to be working. thanks
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You normally need to click and drag the monitor icons in display properties to reflect the actualy location on your desk. Hit the identify button, and then move 1 and 2 to the correct locations.

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