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Question Sennheiser IE 800 and Sony NW-ZX2

  1. yildiray
    I decided to buy NW-ZX2 and I've been looking for a while to get an in-ear headphone for that.My choise is Sennheiser IE 800 .But before get these i want to consult with someone who knows .Can be any mismatch problem between with these products or do you have any suggestion ? Sorry for basic question but i don't have lots of experience about head-fi systems.
    My Best
  2. NickyNose
    I have the IE 800's and they sound great, I don't think you would have any problems. I run mine thru a FiiO E12 with a iPhone 4s, they sound great. There is some draw back with the IE 800, short cable which can be a problem for some taller users, and the cable does microphone unless you use a clip, DJ style,or use them for non mobile use. I'm 5'9" and mainly use them at home so not many issues for me but others have made note of short comings. 
  3. Conext
    I currently use the IE800s paired with the ZX2.
    Overall, I think it's a good pairing. But, I will say that the IE800s are unforgiving.
    Much of my library sounds absolutely stunning with this combo. However, I find that some tracks can sound harsh and/or sibilant. It's usually confined to female vocals. The issue appears most often on older, lower bit rate MP3s. Although, I do have some FLAC-ripped CDs were some tracks exhibit sibilance.
    Some people don't seem to perceive this at all. But to my ears, it's quite distinct.
    I've heard that different tips can eliminate the sibilance, or even placing non-woven cloth between the monitors and the stock tips. I haven't tried that yet, so can't speak to how effective that might be.
  4. terminaut
    I think it's a great match, but am using Spinfits to get a better seal over the stock tips. I don't get any sibilance and do listen to a lot of tracks with female vocals (all lossless though).

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