Question regarding Pan Am and Gateway power supply...

  1. deniall83
    I'm in Australia and I want to order the Pan Am and Gateway power supply but i'm worried about voltage as we run on 220-240v. Will the Gateway work here?
    Also, I didn't see a lot of technical specs on your site regarding th Pan Am. What is the output impedance of the headphone out?
  2. MrMobius
    Good question because I forgot to ask this and have ordered one for use in NZ.  I think I read somewhere that they are 110/220 but ask Ken.  He is the forum member with the link below - which offers a 10% discount on Pan Ams for a very short time.  You might be better buying in Aussie though after shipping costs from the USA.  I bought mine either before the 10% offer came out (or didn't see it) but have asked them if the will be nice and... Here's hoping.
    My 'kit' should arrive this week - it's currently sunning itself in Honolulu on the way to me.  Can't wait.
  3. MrMobius
    OK.  Mine arrived today and very nice sounding with enough grunt to power a battleship.  Re voltage the are 110/240 so you will be fine in Aussie.  Output impedance??? But this has a lot more grunt than I will ever need.  I see that as well as the 10% Headfi member discount they have package deals online - not sure if they are cumulative though.
  4. deniall83
    Thanks for letting me know. I really want to know if the gateway power supply is dual voltage.
  5. MrMobius
    I takes 110 and 240 so I suppose that is dual.  It sounds really good, even through my crappy HPs.  I have new ones on the way.
  6. shigzeo Contributor
    Yes, seems to be dual. If you can't afford the entire stack, my suggestion is the Passport battery and Pan Am. Lovely way to enjoy audio on the road. I detail my initial findings here
  7. laughingbuddha

    I was wondering what the specs actually are 12V > Amps ?

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