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Question - is this really a balanced design?

  1. katulu
    All right, experts. I saw this figure recently for an XLR cable:


    Can this really be considered "balanced"? I thought that you would need two black cables not touching, one for white, one for blue...

    Thanks in advance...
  2. JohnSD
    Technically all you need for balanced are 3 conductors, one for in-phase, one for out-of-phase and one for ground. Usually the ground is shielded which is not the case with this one but I would say yes its "balanced".
  3. Speedskater
    A balanced XLR interconnect cables consists of:
    Two signal conductors. ( one for in-phase, one for out-of-phase)
    One shield.
    There is NO ground in a balanced interconnect system!

    This is a poor balanced cable.
  4. IgeNeLL
    Wireworld ?

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