Question: headphones like the AKG k267 Tiesto
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May 8, 2013
hey, new here
I bought the aka k267's and had to return them because the build quality around the joint led to 2 hairline cracks within 3 weeks.  bought another pair and only one side (L or R) would work at a time.  
i want to get another pair of headphones (duh) in the same price range, preferably not going over, that has the same specs.  i produce music (mainly electronic at the moment- not necessarily EDM) and am a huge music listener (classical, rock, jazz, acoustic, electronic), and the k267's, imo, did a fantastic job addressing them all across the board.  not calling them the best, just saying my ears more than adjusted to them and it has proven in my mastering/eqing in post projects.  
now according to this:
the transparency, dynamics, and resolution are relatively high.  i'm looking for something close to it that specifically can bring out the lows and make them boom but not be overly aggressive.  as in, if i turn the volume to 80%, i dont want them foghorning, just a bit of aggressive rumbling (i'm young i like that kind of thing).  besides, it helps me out since my low end hearing is a bit off.  lastly, the highs should be clear, not hugely crisp or aggresive, just clear.  same for the mids.  
i know this is quite a lot asking for my first post but still, please help would be greatly appreciated.

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