Question for Sleek SA6 owners with Zune 80
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Dec 5, 2004
Hello my head-fi brethren, I hope you've survived the week and are looking forward to the weekend as much as myself. I currently own Atrio M5s and a Zune 30 which really like as a combo, but I'm starting to really get annoyed with the Zune's awful battery life and I've also now surpassed 30gb of music so I'll need more eventually. I'm really turned off by the fact that the Zune 80 has no EQ features since I'm actually a fan of EQing music when it needs it. Those of you who own the Sleek SA6 earphones with a Zune 80, do you feel that the ability to tweak the sound makes a big difference with the sound of the Zune? I really was going to look at other players with more sound features, but if the Sleeks seem to do the job then I may reconsider. Thanks!
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I listen to the Zune80 with Sleeks all the time, and no really big desire to EQ. Could there be a little more bottom end? Sure. But not enough to bother me. I use the SA6 bass+ port, and they apparently are trying to create a new bass++ port at Sleek. If I am at home, I just hook up my MiniboxE+ and turn on bass boost, and that works too.

As for mids and highs, the treble tubes on the Sleeks are enough EQing for me. I kept moving between the treble+ and treble++, but now have settled on the treble= (which is neutral), and that sounds very smooth, so it's my current favorite.

So no, I don't miss EQing with the Zune80 and the Sleeks. I have Sony and Sandisk DAPs too, both with EQ, if I get a burning desire. But not a problem with the Zune for me. I honestly thought it would be, but turned out not to be the case. And the SA6s helped. Also, I had the Atrios and they matched up well with the Zune80 as well, but if you use the Zune EQ with the Atrios, that may not work for you. I do think the Zune80 SQ (flat, no EQ) is a notch above the Zune30, from what I have read.
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If there is one thing SA6 does very well, it is the ability to tweak the sound to your sonic preference, even on a not-EQ-able Zune.

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