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Jun 20, 2006
Hi folks. Been lurking on and off periodically for a year or two, but thought I'd de-lurk to ask (and I hope this isn't in the wrong forum somehow...) -

For those of you who are in the Baltimore/northern suburbs of DC (preferably Baltimore) area, what are some good locations for purchasing, or more importantly testing, headphones?

It's not actually for me (I'm fairly happy with my current group of PX-500/MDR-7506/Senn HD 600), but a friend of mine who is looking to buy some new headphones and is venturing for the first time beyond the $20 rack at Best Buy.

I live in Baltimore, near the Johns Hopkins campus, and there really aren't any good audio stores that I've seen/heard of within reasonable distance. Am I missing any? Or is there a place that might be a bit further away but is worth the drive?

Thanks in advance.

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Soundworks. 10526 Connecticut Avenue, Kensington, MD 20895. Tel: (301) 929-8600. This place is off 495 near Silver Spring .Its the only place I could find to audition Grados. Call and see what else they have.
(I drove here from Perry Hall due to lack of other shops.)

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