question about UltraSone Edition 10
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Sep 7, 2015
Hi everyone,
i have quit listening to headphones for 4 years. That's my current status
i have a question about ultrasone edition 10. Is it still one of the best headphones right now?
and what is its reasonable price for a rarely used one with 9/10 condition?
thank you very much for your help
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I've not personally auditioned the Edition 10 (which I suspect is true for many people, due to their very high price and limited edition status), but I don't think it was ever universally lauded as "one of the best headphones." It's a very polarizing model - some people seem to love it, but others seem to hate it. Here are two professional reviews (that arrive at entirely different conclusions), for example:

On pricing, I have no idea. I would expect them to take a pretty significant depreciation hit against their ~$3000 SRP due to their polarizing nature (this is just based on general experience seeing other polarizing headphones in the past take a hit).

I think there's an Edition 10 thread in Summit-Fi, you may try asking there too.
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Headphones north of $2,700 are exclusively the turf of the Summit-Fi section of this forum.  You will have at accrue enough time and posts on this forum to be able to join in the discussion there.
Meanwhile see:

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