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Question about the V-Moda XL earpads: How much deeper are they?

  1. TyTB
    Hey Head-Fi,
    I've been watching the Vmoda M100's for some time now, and I've been wanting to get them, however, when i tried a pair on, i noticed that the body of the headphones would touch my ears.. I guess my ears stick out very far or something. As such, it would become uncomfortable to wear them for more than a few minutes. 
    So, when I heard that they're releasing XL earpads, i was quite excited. However, I have no idea how deep the normal earpads are, so i cant tell how much thicker the XL ones are.
    I don't need the earpads to be wider, or taller, just deeper, to separate the headphones from my head. The XL pads have a listed depth of 24mm, which doesn't seem very thick but..
    Does anyone know how deep the normal earpads are? Can someone with a pair of M100's please take a measurement for me? I'd really appreciate it.
    Also, any other recommendations or comments on how i can fix the ears-dont-fit problem would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again!
  2. tinyman392
    They were a few millimeters thicker I think...  So about a 20% increase in depth.  They are much more comfortable than the stock though.  Sometimes, you just need to add a few millimeters.  They also don't seem to compress as much, which might actually be more important than depth. 
  3. SomeGuyDude
    Do they alter the sound at all? That concerns me a tad.
  4. tinyman392
    Yes.  It gives it a distinct, but subtle, bass boost unfortunately. 
  5. SomeGuyDude
    Unfortunately to YOU, maybe. [​IMG]
  6. tinyman392
    It's been stated numerous times already by various members of the forum.  Some that originally didn't hear a difference went ahead and AB-ed them and heard the difference. 
  7. SomeGuyDude
    I think you misunderstood. I mean that to me a bass boost isn't a bad thing. [​IMG]
    NV2U likes this.
  8. tinyman392
    I did misunderstand, my bad LOL :p  I personally feel that the M-100 doesn't need anymore bass, but others can certainly disagree :wink: 
  9. SomeGuyDude
    Haha, I'm definitely curious to give 'em a shot. I just don't need the ear pads to look any bigger. One thing is I love the sleek appearance. I'd be worried that the XL pads will turn them all "studio monitor" looking.
  10. tinyman392
    The look isn't changed that much.  The design that V-Moda has on the housing keeps it from looking "studio monitor" XD 
  11. TyTB
    a 20% increase you say?
    I sent an email to V moda and i got a response saying that they're twice the depth.
    Any ideas?
  12. tinyman392
    That's probably because they don't compress as much...
  13. SomeGuyDude
    Well on my head they feel almost no different. Uncompressed they're certainly twice as big. In practice, because they squish, they're not much deeper, Just roomier.
    EDIT: I actually took the XL pads off. They squished SO easily that it was like having no pad. My ears were pressed into the speaker surface. I might try again, but right now I'm back on the stock.
    I also tore one of the XL pads a little pulling it off. Ugh.

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