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Question about Shure 215 detachable cables

  1. WalnutTarts
    I'm looking for a good pair of IEMs with a relatively flat frequency response for about $100, and the Shure 215 seems to fit the bill. However, I would much prefer a j-cord to a y-cord, and since the 215 have a detachable cord I was wondering if I could get a custom cable that would be a j-cord style instead of y-style. If it's possible, where could I find such a cable?-
  2. hatefulsandwich
    J-cords aren't all that popular, so you would possibly need to get a custom-made removable cable which would cost almost as much of not more than the Se215 itself. Might be an upgrade worth looking at, but you could probably just achieve a similar thing with creative use of tape or a shirt clip.

    There are several custom cable makers, but Brian at BTG-Audio seems to come up a lot as an excellent guy to deal with and has very reasonable prices.

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