Question about Iaudio Cowon D2
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Jan 22, 2008
Hello all! i'm new to portable media players and Amps.
Currently, i'm planning to save up my money and get a RSA The Predator AMPS.
But my concern is that Cowon D2 only has a headphone output but no "line-out" so suppose i use that to connect to the Line-in of an Amp. What cable do i need? and where can i get them?
By The way, i live in Canada.
Thank You All!!!
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Originally Posted by monolith /img/forum/go_quote.gif
You'd need a 1/8" to 1/8" (a.k.a. mini-mini) cable. Something like this:

short mini interconnect 3.5mm cable headphone amplifier - ( item 320226278052 end time 16-Mar-08 08:25:42 EDT)

There are many choices of cable, ranging from the economical (like the above) to the ridiculous.

Thank you ! Monolith.
But are there any difference with the Sound Quality of the economical and the ridiculous ones? hehehe
*IF there is a sound quality difference, where can i get the AudioPhile class cables?*
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Originally Posted by Tiyako /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Thank you ! Monolith.
But are there any difference with the Sound Quality of the economical and the ridiculous ones? hehehe
*IF there is a sound quality difference, where can i get the AudioPhile class cables?*

Some say there's a difference, some say there isn't one. I tend to side with the latter, as in my opinion not only does it not make sense for there to be a difference (scientifically speaking), but I haven't heard one with the two LODs I have (one with standard materials, one with high end stuff). But don't let's get into this now. It probably suffices to say that unless you have one hell of an amp and pair of headphones, you aren't going to notice anything, especially since you'll be amping a headphone out

The "high end" mini cables generally come from ALO Audio, especially the short ones. Qables in Europe also make some pretty pricey ones, I believe, and there are a few others. Both are sponsors of this forum (look to the right). What I'd recommend, even if you do want crazy high end stuff and especially if you don't, is to get someone from these forums to make one for you. You'll end up getting closer to what you want aesthetically. My LODs were both made by stevenkelby and I can't recommend him more highly. barqy is another well-regarded cable maker. PM either and they should be able to hook you up.

By the way, why have you decided that you need to amp the headphone out of your D2? Are you planning to use it as a home source, or to use difficult to drive headphones portably?
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Originally Posted by Tiyako /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Thx for the info! Monolith!
That's very helpful!
i'm planning to use the amp portably! ^___^
i tend to listen to music when i'm studying in the Liburary

What kind of headphones do you use in this situation? I'm asking because it's generally best to avoid amping a headphone out if possible.
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This thred I MUST KNOW! D2 Measurements and Observations [LONG] - Forums should answer your questions about the use of the headphone out as a line out to an amplifier. Although I have an ALO mini to mini which I love, Monolith's advice to begin with a more economical cable is right on the money.

The D2 can handle IEMs quite well w/o an amplifier. The only other reason for an amp with IEMs would be to "color" the sound as in adding warmth. Many headphones, including my Grados, benefit from the addition of an amp.
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Originally Posted by shigzeo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
if worse comes to worst though, amping a headphone out will not kill enjoyment. at the very worst, it will unload all the problems from the headphone out and give a purer more similar load to a line out.

Well, at the very worst it will amplify any problems in the headphone out and make them more noticeable.

I asked simply because this forum can give the impression that headphones are worthless without amps, leading to ridiculousless like people amping the headphone outs of their iPods with cMoys and plugging ER6is into them (to name one example I've seen). If he's planning on plugging in very sensetive IEMs or SR-60s or something, it's probably best to avoid it in my opinion.
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often, an amp acts closer straight wire for the player to effortlessly drive - it presents less load on the phones. if you look at dfkt's findings you can see it running proper high imp phones versus low imp phones and the low imp phones are not driven well at all. however, with the headsix, they are run better with separation etc so i can say that the d2 has a good enough headphone out if driven with no load or very high imp low sensitivity phones.

it is not any better a driver for low imp phones than anything else. also, the in your head feel of iems and canalphones is amplified as the d2 has already a small soundstage which you can also see from the findings with rmaa. great read, please check out the d2 findings. it does drive no load or high imp phones very very well indeed

most players other than volume run high imp phones very well. they might lose a little soundstage but nothing compared to the loss of the same player versus low imp phones. this can be seen from the findings read from the phones out of the various players. the d2 with its wee bit more powerful amp than most other players only makes good effort with big phones.

i personally cannot stand to use amps when going portable: it defeats my purpose of barely fitting an ipod nano in my pocket. when i want to really enjoy the sound, i hook up my lod to my supermicro iv and my victor or atrio to it from there.

edit: i should probably mention that i owned a d2 for a year - so i am not spouting information from the web. i spoke that i did not like the sound very much mybe in october or so and was told that i did not know what i was talking about. i begun doing studies like dfkt did but my windows is emulated and did not trust my findings. i begun just recording the playback files with osx audacity and then reading them back with windows rmaa and found findings to be identical except i think my soundcard is better.
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For true portability the simpler, the better. When running,walking or whatever I too prefer my D2 with my PK3

We also agree that for IEMs there is usually little value in amping.

However, from my modest assortment of head gear, I find both the KSC-75 and the SR-225 benefit from amping. Neither hp reaches its potential w/o.

I can't speak for other sources, but I have not noticed hiss or other annoyances with the headphone out to an amp. Perhaps a better ear would hear something, but I don't even hear the background noise I hear when unamped.

At least, that's been my experience.
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Sorry for the late reply,because i was asleep...hehe. Well, i'm planning to amp my LiveWires CUSTOM IEM by Earpeace.
Because i heard it's phenomenal when it's paired up with the RSA Predator.

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