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Mar 3, 2004
hey, i just "inherited" a ton of mp3's (about 40gigs worth) but my friend isn't really that big on high quality mp3s, so he has quite a few 128kbps and i'm sure he has some sub128kbps music in that huge pile. is there any way I can use foobar or some other program to sort by bit rate to get rid of the really bad quality songs? any step-by-step instructions for this maybe...?
i just don't want to go through each and every song to see its bit rate.
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If you insert "[%__bitrate%kbps ]" into Columns UI under [Playlist] the bitrates will become visible. Not sure how to sort based on this, but it'll at least make things easier.
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Other option is to get Columns_UI and then get the plisk skin for it that has a preset column for bitrate in it. That should help you out as well.
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I have a bitrate column in my foobar so all I need to do is press the column header, but there's no need to add columns or anything.

If you don't mind not actually being able to see the bitrate and just want to sort, then you can just go to the 'Playlist' menu, go to 'Sort' then hit 'Sort by...' Then for the sorting string, put in %__bitrate%

Wait, that may put the really low quality songs and really high quality songs (<100kbps or >999kbps) at the wrong ends of the list (since it does it alphanumerically in character order, i.e. 10 is before 2).
To make sure it sorts the right way, use this string: $num(%__bitrate%,4)

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