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Question about changing the connector shells of an aftermarket cable

  1. clee290
    Hey everyone,
    So I purchased a cable from Lunashops for my SE215, initially as a backup, but has become my primary cable. Anyways, this is the cable that I bought. What I would like to do is replace the black connector shells (not the full connector, if possible) with a pair of shells from here. Can this be done easily? To be specific, I mean without the need of soldering. I'm hoping that I would be able to just pop the black ones off and then just put the new ones on.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. MrKazador
    Pretty sure you have to desolder the connector to remove the shell.
  3. clee290
    Thanks for the reply! What exactly would need to be desoldered? Wouldn't I need to remove the shell so I can get access to the wires inside the connector?
    Sorry for what may be dumb questions :p I'm new at messing with cables and such.
  4. MrKazador
    I assume you twist the shell and it comes apart from the connector and runs down the wire. Unsolder the wires from the connector then you can remove the shell.
    Have a look at this video, should be similar
  5. clee290
    I'm actually referring to the connectors that plug into the IEMs, not the headphone jack. 
    As you can see in the photo below, the shells are in 2 pieces.
    Do you think it would be the same process as removing the headphone jack connector shell?
  6. MrKazador
    Oh... Those look like they snap into place, no need to desolder anything.
  7. TrollDragon
    I think you might find those are epoxied together but hopefully not. Since they are the same MFG with only a different colour, it should not be a problem to change out the black ones. But you might have to carefully break the plastic to get them off.
  8. clee290
    Thanks for the reply, guys. Guess I'll be getting a set of those shells. Just need to find a way to remove the black shells without breaking anything :p

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