Question about Caiyn N3
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Jan 6, 2020
Hello guys!
My 3.5 mm output has broken. Is there any chance to use the DAP without it, not from bluetooth. It support usb audio ? Work with usb type c to type c cable on an external DAC/AMP or dongle dac's like sonata HD DAC cable ?

I send an email 2 month ago at Cayin service and they told me this combination don't work. That's whay i type here my questions.
Sorry for my english.
Thank you !
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Hi, I am using the N3 as a digital transport feeding the DAC/Amp E1DA 9038S, via a USB-to USB-C cable and works great.
I adjust volume and gain at the N3 end.
I guess it would work in a similar arrangement with another DAC/AMP.
I hope it helps.
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I try this with a cheap cable and it's working but when i move the N3 or the DAC the connection has disappear. I think the usb plug from the N3 is affected ? But when i charge it it 's ok. You try to use it on to go ?
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I try with sonata hd (usb type c) and don't work. No volume control. Same with btr5 but he have volum on it and works. I don't understand how it works for you? E1DA 9038S has no volume control

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