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Question about audio quality on youtube

  1. ronnel0918
    Thanks! Already found keepvid. [​IMG]
  2. ronnel0918
    Hi again,
    Tried your method (I used ffmpeg, though) and got the AAC file. The thing is, I am not sure how to repack the AAC. How'd you do that? I converted the AAC to M4A using dBpoweramp.
  3. neojhun
    Oh woops, i should of mentioned YAMB GUI for MB4Box. That is the tool that will Demux (Split) & Mux (Pack) the mp4 files. After you Mux the mp4 files just change the file extention to .m4a
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  4. kylezo
    I am unable to mux aac into mp4 or m4a with yamb. Just says, "muxing failed".
  5. serman005

    My ipod thanks you.
  6. Stuart Deyes
    You're totally correct there. Before I started my first YouTube channel,I wanted to find out whether or not the sound was a better bit rate depending on the video quality. So I downloaded several different videos in 480,720 & 1080p & found that the audio track for all 3 was 126kbps. It did used to be 192kbps so I'm guessing they stepped the bit rate down to save a bit of space. As a result,apart from video files that I upload in 720p,all music only files are upped in 480p

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