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QUAD ERA-1 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. Hi-Fi-Apricity

    I'm highly curious on your thoughts about this compared to say the LCD-2C, particularly in the treble. I use an L700 as my daily driver and I want something a bit more portable but not like run off my phone portable yknow?
  2. Hi-Fi-Apricity
    Just something that's a good lose yourself to the music headphone with some balls in the lowend
  3. lugnut
    Two quick questions for owners of this headphone.
    1. Where the headband meets the yokes, does it swivel ?
    2. Soundstage, small, medium or large, something in between ?
  4. zolkis
    Well I compared the L700 and ERA-1 side by side (obviously different amplification), that is why I said the ERA-1 is Stax-level good: they have slightly different strengths and potential issues (e-stats will always be faster and more ethereal, but the L700 has the characteristic Lambda-midrange-coloration; the ERA-1 has more body in the base, but planar-coloration in the mids/lower treble, though less than Hifiman). Higher treble is quite OK. Note there is rather big difference between the pads on the ERA-1. I truly appreciate that Quad included 2 pairs of pads (and likely tested much more): it's an example others should also follow.

    I'd probably slightly prefer the ERA-1 for many musical genres over the L700, and when you take into account the HP price and total system price, that's a big statement. I wouldn't say the ERA-1 is portable, it needs proper amplification and it's not small in size.

    About the Audeze, I seem to have a personal incompatibility with their sound and their sound stage (I liked the L700 and HD800 more than the LCD-3, I didn't particularly like the 2, X and XC, and I have not heard the LCD-4), so I'd rather not say anything.
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  5. karmazynowy
    Which one has more heights / is overall brighter HP?

    Does ERA has any sibilance or harshness?
    Is any other dynamic or planar headphone that ERA is similar to if we talking about overall sound characteristics?
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2018
  6. Zulkr9
    Thanks for the impressions, How would you compare them to an HE-500 and where did you get yours I can't seem to find any in the US.
  7. zolkis
    The ERA-1 seemed to have some colorations (not really any sibilance) in the lower treble/higher mids but I won't know for sure until I can properly test there was :). Rest assured is sounded musical with nice bass and no obvious big issues. Treble was not an issue.

    I am not big fan of Hifiman headphones, the cheaper ones have some metallic zingy coloration for me, the more expensive ones are a bit soft sounding, including their latest e-stat (but it sounds good), or have some harder sound in the mids compared to better Stax or other e-stats.

    I don't know how MrSpeakers headphones would compare, but might be good alternatives, as well as ZMF and the Denon D7200, then Stax L700, or the old Lambda Signature. The Stax 007 and similar price class e-stats are likely better, as they should be at the price. For many people Audeze would also compete. Wait with patience, time will bring better and better headphones around, no need to jump on the newest :).

    I think I have already overdone first impressions on the ERA-1 (with a good chance of errors from my side) and that's establishing wrong practices, so what concerns my opinion, you'll all have to wait until I can spend enough time with it (and other headphones) in proper environment. So I'd trust owners with more experience to speak up.
  8. Nadham
    After many months of reading multiple user reviews and comments, I thought my search for next headphone is finally over as I had decided on Audeze LCD-2C. Apparently the search is not over :frowning2:. Any place in Scotland where I can demo both LCD-2C and Quad ERA 1?
  9. KinoS
    Sorry if I missed this in the thread already, but for the benefit those of us with generous sized ears, is anyone able to measure the pads?
  10. zolkis
    Also, add the Aeon Flow Open to the comparison?
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  11. Poganin
    I second this. As an AFO user I would love a comparison.
  12. Nadham
    The reason I tell myself for this purchase is to experience the sub bass rumble that I don't get from my Senn 6xx.

    I gather from various user comments and reviews that AFO, while an excellent headphone, doesn't produce same level of sub bass as LCD 2C.

    However if the dealer has AFO then I would like to audition it as well.
  13. Jodet
  14. zolkis
    If you are after sub-bass, rather get a Denon D7200 with the D5200 pads (more sub-bass but more linear, peak around 25-30 Hz, more oomph), or the Fostex TH900 (more low bass rumble and hard hitting, the kind you likely want, peak around 30-40 Hz). The TH900 with the carbon foam pads (see TH900 mods thread) is absolutely brutal in the bass, without sounding boomy. There are no headphones I know ATM that beat it on the bass impact. Planar bass is more "correct"/musical, but IMHO not as brutal/physical like dynamic cans can be. The best e-stats and planars can be even harder hitting and perceived as much better bass with nothing missing in depth, but not in the perceived sub-bass impact. Of course, limitations of headphones apply, but the TH900 gets close to the impact of big main speakers plus dual subwoofers (except the "feeling in the bones and lungs", i.e. without the house rattling around you; I remember that for their bigger subs, REL used to require statements from owners for exemption from structural damages possibly caused in the house - you cannot beat that with headphones).
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  15. Nadham
    Thanks for the suggestions. I had looked at Fostex TH900 before and it was 2x price of LCD 2C in UK. So it is beyond my current budget. Will check on Denon D7200.
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