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QUAD ERA-1 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. E1DA
    nop, rather marginally inefficient vs others HP as LCD2 for instance 101db. 7db difference means over 5x times more power needed to get the same SPL. ERA1/Alara have quite low impedance(20 vs 70ohm LCD2), hence, they can get enough power from low voltage source as smartphones are. Inefficient ERA1 driver probably using ferrite magnet instead of common today neodim one. I tend to close my eyes for low efficiency of headphones because it is about milliwatts of dissipated power anyway(that afect battery live), however, lower impedance more difficult to drive precisely. The same amp will always have lower THD at 70ohm load than 20 ohm.
  2. E1DA
    FullBright1, can you see some details of drivers without teardown the stuff? For example, I can see pretty much all that I want on my he400i, and actually, I was super surprised when I saw pictures of others versions named as he400i - really no any similarities within single name model! Even driver reversal vs my he400i i.e. magnets not after membrane but before it. I have no idea why hifiman calling these headphones the same model name..
  3. nicholars
    Also one other question about the Alara, do they emphasise sibilance or do they reduce it? I do not like sibilance and it is always a "deal breaker" if headphones emphasise sibilance, so are the Alara good or bad for this?
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  4. FullBright1
    Neither the Alara nor the Quad have sibilant treble response.
    These are not bright sounding headphones, with the Alara having more overall warmth and the Quad having slightly wider mids.
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  5. fericske
    You speak about the numbers, I wrote my personal experience with the gears.
    You have the chance to pick up any smartphone, even with usb-c and try yourself an Era1 and an LCD2.
    The Era will deliver music from that weak source, and the LCD2 gives "sssshhhh".
    Anyone can confirm this here, If you don't believe me - for any reason, but I guess you prejudge on my "new headfier" rank - not a mystical thing.
    I always go after my personal experiences, and I leave the numbers to the scientist and specifications for those ones, who judge and buy stuffs based on what they read about without try them.
    By the way you didn't told me any new about the efficiency of the drivers and amplifications, but if you have enough Personal experience in the audio era, you will not giving too much for the specifications.
    I own a Questyle QP1r dap. With this dap sound satisfying and decent loud the Senn hd650, LCD3, Abyss Diana and many more. For the Era1 low gain is enough. And if you take a look on the QP1r specs, that sows its' power almost challenge for a VE Monk :)
    Try, don't just read.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
  6. FullBright1
    I've honestly not looked closely to try to see the drivers...... I'll take photos tomorrow, tho i can't promise you'll see what you are interested in finding out.
  7. FullBright1
    Yes, i agree.
    Stats and graphs are fine, however you dont wear these on your head.
    The only way to know how a headphone sounds, is not based on load, resistance, or from what part of the world the Driver's were purchased, or which brand of Asian factory crafted it.
    None of this is relevant to the actual experience of hearing the gear.
    If you want to know how something sounds, you have to HEAR IT, as a graph, and stats, and reviews, are not going to suffice.
    I just bought a set of Andanda's, by HIFIMan.
    Im not really a HIFiMan fan, as ive tried many, starting with the old HE400.
    Never fell in love with them....but, im really liking the Ananda, and had i listened to a certain reviewer here who kept discouraging everyone from buying them, because he is sort of fixated on the fact they have a boost @8k, i would have just passed.
    But, i didnt. I have them, they are very good, i dont find them "metallic sounding, or 8k harsh"....as a matter of fact, they are more neutral then i expected with a bass that is very nice, and not over-extended, as i have read many times as stated by reviewers.
    Because this headphone is such a good sounding gear, i'll probably look at the V21000.
    So, if you want to know the truth...... then Buy the gear.
    Hear it for yourself.
    If you don't love it, then sell it to someone here, who will love it.
    There is always a buyer, and it could be that buying at a reduced price, an almost new headphone, that has some burn in time, is actually better then getting a brand new one.
    I buy both.
    New and preowned.
    Everyone should., and most do.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
  8. E1DA
    Oooh, guys, it seems my text was too tech to you :wink: I can believe your ERA1 play louder vs LCD2 with a smartphone. My text wasn't about it.
  9. E1DA
    FullBright1, I think the reason of mismatching your feeling vs reviewers is not always based on personal perceptions. Hifiman is such a company which may tomorrow modify your ananda dramatically without any notations. So you can listen ananda_1, some reviewer may review ananda_2, and next one will review ananda_3, no surprise if you'll hear differently different headphones.
  10. fericske
    That's all right. We don't know each other :)
    I forgot to say, I don't separate the efficiency from the synergy. So if a speaker louder than an another but sonically less, that is not more efficient in my opinion.
    Like my Pandora 6 (8 ohm - 105dB) on paper more efficient than the Era1, on the same mobile phone the Pandora sounds "sshh" - well, yeah can be louder than the Quad, but who cares, I want to listen pure music, not distortions and static noises - and the Era1 sounds clean. That is mean, the amplification is weak for the Pandora. Finally the Era1 is more efficient than the Pandora 6 :)
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
  11. FullBright1

    Every review of every product, <-since time began->, is based on "personal preference, subjective feelings".
    Tyll's, FB1's, Z-Reviews, Audiophilliac's, ......everyone........all..........:)
    So, every review by YOU, is based on your "feelings-opinion", including how you offer your opinion on how something might sound based on a graph, or a statistic.
    And if you own the gear, anything and everything you say , is your opinion, and can't be proven.
    Im surprised you dont realize this.
    Hope this helps.

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  12. FullBright1
    Pics wont help.
    The only way to really analyze the driver(s) is to disassemble the headphone.
  13. nicholars
    Do you think the Alara is better than the LCD 2C? I notice you said you have LCD 2 and LCD 3...
  14. fericske
    I have not LCD2-3, didn't say I have. . Also I have not Abyss Diana. But I spent several times few hours with them on different setups to "know"** them (and many more headphones, amplifiers. There is a store, Audiosanctuary. They have on demo almost everything they have on their website, and they welcome anyone in opening time to try, test, listen their stuffs. I could do there "Z reviews" :) ), except Diana. I tried Diana on a CanJam only.
    I "know" the prefazor LCD 2 and the fazor LCD 3. I "know" the LCD2C, but I never heard the Alara, so I can not say anything about that.

    **I didn't own them. I didn't spend weeks, months with them to really get to know them.
  15. FullBright1
    "better" is a royal fruit which is best decided alone by the one who is tasting it.....:)

    The Alara is a very good sounding headphone.
    Will everyone love it?
    Does everyone love peppermint ???, yet most of the world eats it.
    Does everyone love Tom Cruise ??? Yet for 40 yrs he is the #1 Move (male) Box Office Champion ....
    I can only tell you what i believe to be "better", and yet, its better if i just tell you what is "also good" so that your expectations are allowed to remain reasonable should you pull the trigger and purchase something that im discussing with (readers).
    Tyll, is a great reviewer of headphones, yet, he once claimed the first version of the Senn Momentum, was a "truly great headphone", and in fact that headphone is not good, its cuppy, its low mid bloated, and its disappointing....but TYLL loved it., he thought it was "better"...and its actually not.
    The fact is, all these headphones we are discussion are worth owning, but not all of them will please each of us perfectly.
    Perhaps its better to just buy everything, and enjoy them all, instead of trying to rate them as if this is better......:)
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2019
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