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QUAD ERA-1 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. FullBright1
    Should fit like a glove.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
  2. FullBright1
    Its a conspiracy to make them sound very good......:)
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  3. dpump
    Thanks for your responses. negura says the pads are interchangeable between the ERA-1 and the Alara and FullBright1 says they aren't interchangeable?

    I have read the HiFiNews review. I see nothing in the review that says that Quad or IAG are actually manufacturing the planar driver. The IAG company literature that shows their manufacturing capabilities would lead one to assume they could manufacture pretty much anything they want, but I don't see a specific reference to the ERA-1. I don't think that Quad engineers could necessarily design a planar driver without some outside help since it had to be somewhat of an unknown to them. I'm just one of those people who likes to know as much as possible about the technical aspects of products and I don't think we are being told the whole story. Even the HiFiNews review mentions that Quad had not revealed any details about the planar driver so he disassembled the housing to get a look at the construction of the driver.

    And the fact that there is so much similarity between the ERA-1 and Alara means to me that they have to have at least some things in common. Maybe no one else cares about this but I am curious as to just who manufactures these two phones and the real history behind them. Enquiring minds want to know!
  4. fericske
    Check the header of the review.
  5. fericske
    Yes, totally agree.
    I just wanted something next to my beloved Pandora 6 - that is also a unique sounding headphone - in similar price range if possible, and I found the Era1.
    First impressions are matter to me, even if I know that can be misleading.
    So the first thing I got from the Era1, how pleasure to listen to it (both earpads).
    And this feeling didn't changed later too, whatever what quality level source gear I connected to.
    I prefer to listen it on low/moderate volume level, because of the impressive soundstage I get.
    Well, I experienced lower volume=better soundstage with any headphone, but more with the Era1.

    So, the Alara more Audeze sound, than Hifiman, forexample?
    Could you compare to the LCD2C?
    That has good price/value ratio in my opinion, about sound quality.
  6. negura
    Despite not sounding similar to each other neither of these two sound anything like the LCD2C or any Audeze imo. Not much similar with HEK or Susvara either. Closer to HE-6 and/or Abyss. Things they have in common: dynamic, energetic, very lively sound. Very precise imaging and transient attack. On a top rig the clarity and transparency are exceptional too. Audeze just don't have that.

    I've been comparing the Alara and Quads on a couple of live recordings (High Kings live in Ireland, Eric Clapton unplugged). Everything else being the same (pads, cable), the Quads win my preference even if only due to their better midrange quality imo (timbre, texture, linearity). The Alara are even more fun with EDM and metal.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
  7. nicholars
    Do you think they are the same drivers?

    Because I know that pads / cups / etc, can make the same driver sound almost completely different.

    Do you think they are the same headphones but tuned differently? Or do you think they are different drivers?
  8. negura
    I already commented on this a couple of pages back.
  9. nicholars
    They do look interesting the Alara, slightly put off by the lack of support after 2 years warranty, but then maybe they just would not break, bit paranoid about Planar drivers failing, but then for example Fostex T50RP don't seem to have that problem, mostly Audeze a few years ago and some Hifiman, overall don't know. They do sound like they would be "up my alley" in terms of sound though.
  10. FullBright1
  11. FullBright1
    One of the qualities that i always hope to find in a "new" set of headphones, is their ability to sound good at a low volume.
    Not too many do this well.
    The Alara seems to be a set of headphones that allows for low volume listening without an obvious loss of sonic quality.
    And yes, the Alara, if compared to a Sundara or the Hifiman typical sound, will sound more similar to an Audeze sound or a Sennheiser sound.
    More warmth and rich tonality, vs a more bright tonality.
    The Alara sounds much more similar to the Quad then it does to say, the Sundara, or the HE650, or something like the AudioTechnica MSR7.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
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  12. nicholars
    Do you think they are the same driver with different tuning? (Alara and Quad)
  13. nicholars
    Also what do you think about Alara vs 2C?
  14. FullBright1
    Different driver ....:) , and different headphone (cup-frame) design.
    They are different Headphones.
    Both are unique, and you can listen to both for long periods with little fatigue.
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  15. dpump
    How much did you have to pay for the ERA-1? The Source AV was quoting $699 last month but they seem to be $799 everywhere with no discounts. I think Music Direct is the importer so I will give them a try. I will probably have to wait for an open box, return, or used pair to get a better price.
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