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QUAD ERA-1 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. africanus
    Check here: https://www.supersonido.es/p/quad-era-1/

    Price with EU VAT included. I am not affiliated with that site.

    Nope. I physically own them.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
  2. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Made in China means nothing bad, if that is the inference people are to draw. Some of the very, very best manufacturing of electronics happens in China because China now after decades of investment and experience has the factories, processes and skilled labour force to produce the best electronics. Sure there will still be some poor quality, but only with companies sourcing the lowest cost production opportunities in China that they can find. Good companies who make gear in China match up with the high quality production firms. This nonsense of made in China means inferior is just that, nonsense. At least when people worry or imply that it is always that way. Frankly, I would expect more production and quality issues to come out of North America now than out of China, again, assuming that we were talking about a better quality production firm in China. We gave that up to China so it is now time to stop thinking that we here in North America are inherently able to produce better quality goods as that just isn't reality anymore, not consumer electronics anyway, that ship has sailed to the South China Sea long ago.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
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  3. god-bluff
    Sorry I rhink you misunderstood me

    I was referring to the Yogada headphones that some people seem to think the Quad is based on.

    EDIT Or am I confused and you actually own the Yogada virtual headphone?!??
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
  4. Chein
    Well even if they are based on the Yogada, just the fact they modified the enclosure should provide a different sound to them. The problem is they would straight up be lying to their customers saying something like:
    "To create the ERA-1 – the company’s first-ever headphones – Quad developed a planar magnetic driver" on their product page.

    As someone stated they might be assumptions, then Quad might want to say something about it?
    To me, if they look the same and spec the same, the chance they are based on them is pretty damn huge.
    So even if they chose a different enclosure, or even tuned them differently, them "developing" a planar magnetic driver by themselves is a straight up lie.
  5. E1DA
    Chein, the thing you mentioned is very common and called "marketing BS". I always laugh when reading about someone "developed completely new driver/loudspeaker etc" because during 121 years they repeating the same BS but speakers still are speakers. They should pretend R&D work to keep our attention and buyer's appetite. Quad is not a worst case at all, at least they keep really experienced old englishman for sound checking.
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  6. god-bluff
    If it says "designed and engineered in the UK" then that, from a company like Quad, means it will be a fact. No need to speculate.

    I love all things British (although we don't actually make much nowadays) and the Quad is definitely on my future to buy list. I have or had most other modern 'British' headphones: namely Musical Fidelity,, Goldring and errr.. RHA (best forgotten) and own British amps so naturally I an intrigued by these :wink:
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
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  7. africanus
    My mistake. I thought you were speaking of the Quad. I own the Quad.
  8. god-bluff
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  9. abvolt
  10. k1n0n3
  11. abvolt

    Here's a a review off youtube by hifi-insider he seems to enjoy them. I'm thinking of ordering my pair..
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  12. UsoppNoKami
    Found a great pairing for the ERA-1:

    AudioGD Master-11 Singularity DAC - Cayin HA-1A MK2 with these NOS tubes - Mullard 12au7, Amperex Bugle Boy Treble Clef EL84, RCA 12DT5 rectifier.

    Running off my Hifiman Arya's stock cable, and swapped back to the flat pads. The angled pads are too bloomy/muddy with this combo.

    6 hours of enjoyment so far tonight, covering everything from deadmau5 to Jazz as I make my way through my albums (& whisky).

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  13. TSAVAlan
    Just in stock at The Source AV! We can be your Source for the Quad ERA-1 headphones this month!

    Limited promotion till January 31st, special pricing on the ERA-1 headphones! Call 800-700-7029 to get a quote!
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
    The Source AV TSAVJason Stay updated on The Source AV at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com./pages/The-Source-AV-Design-Group/153623164648713 http://www.twitter.com/TheSourceAV http://www.instagram.com/Thesourceavdesign http://thesourceav.com/ Products@TheSourceAV.com
  14. abvolt
    @UsoppNoKami that cayin amp sure is nice looking how's it's sq ? also what are your impressions on the era-1's..enjoy
  15. FullBright1
    After watching and reading a handful of reviews, there seems to be a real big disagreement regarding the Quad's Treble frequency.
    About 50% of the reviewers say the Quad's sound is low mid heavy with a slightly rolled off treble.
    The other 50% say the headphones are incredibly balanced, soundwise,, with spectacular mids..... the bottom is not thick and overcooked, and the treble has "sparkle" and can even sound a bit etched if using solid state gear..
    Well, .......... it can't be both.
    And Tyll's replacement said they are a "product of the year".
    So, talk about "can't agree".........this one has the listener's pretty confused.
    If anyone here owns them, and also the Audeze X's or the Hifiman HE 500s, i'd love to read what you think about them........as compared......:)

    Last edited: Jan 6, 2019
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